Friday, 30 September 2011

All Summer Long

Had a lovely gossip with my Neighbour Ron this morning. Ron had a heart attack last year and is making big strides back to health. He walks every day for at least thirty minutes and is looking well on it. Subjects covered this morning included the state of parking in the road outside, the speed of traffic and his latest holiday plans. We must have been out there at least an hour and it really cheered me up, another benefit of having nice weather.

This afternoon we gritted our teeth and went out to the shops as we were running low on milk, bread and butter. it was a quick trip but it got me out of the house. When we got home we just sat in the garden with the Pimms bottle and just talked and chilled, it was lovely. It was really hot later in the afternoon so I retreated indoors and hid in the living room with the curtains drawn and the windows open. As much as I like the nice weather I just wish it liked me more.

My sister had Pneumonia but is back home and feeling a lot better, thank goodness, one good thing that has come of this episode is it has made her realise how weak not eating has made her and she has vowed to change things around. The family couldn't be more delighted. It is just a pity she had to become so ill in order for the penny to drop.  Still it has happened and that is the main thing.

Andrew made muffins for tea and very nice they were to until you came to the salt. He didn't say anything but he might have either mistaken salt for sugar or just put too much in. He thinks he just didn't mix it in properly, maybe he's right. Whatever I don't think he'll be making that mistake again, at least I hope not.

Hope I have a better night tonight, it was so hot last night and we were both wide awake at two this morning but at least it wasn't my cough keeping us up for a change.