Tuesday, 13 September 2011

All I Need Is The Air That I Breath

Still terribly poorly, lost all interest in food and can't be bothered to do anything. I'm on oxygene almost permanently and even that isn't helping much. Have decided to go back to the doctor tomorrow because I've only got two days of antibiotics left and they are clearly not working. Peter is questioning whether it is an infection at all, he's worried that the Flolan has become ineffective in the same way the Iloprost did. Although that has also crossed my mind I'm trying to remain positive and if it is to blame I'm on a very low dose so an increase could help. Hopefully I'll get an answer one way or another on Friday when I return to the Brompton for a check up. I'm just hoping they don't decide to keep me in but if they do at least I might start to improve.

I just couldn't face the Warfarin clinic in the end, just getting dressed exhausts me and leaves me panting for breath so having to get ready for a trip out was too much to face. I also don't want to put myself in danger of picking anything else up so decided to stay at home. I will discuss getting my blood taken at the surgery when I go tomorrow.

My new oxygen bottles arrived today just as promised. The guy delivering it did a quick safety check and agreed that where we have stored the oxygen is as safe as it possibly can be in a domestic setting. He was pleased that we already have smoke alarms fitted because if we hadn't he have insisted we get some. Apparently some house insurers will not pay out if you have oxygen in the home and no alarms. Something to be aware of if you are in a similar situation. He also brought the trolley for my portable oxygen bottles but it was only after he left that we realised that the portable cylinders are too small for the trolley and the home use cylinders were too big. As I'm unlikely to be doing any walking in the next few days I decided to wait until I need to order more oxygen before complaining.

Lets hope things improve tomorrow.