Saturday, 24 September 2011

When We Go Shopping

Well today was retail therapy day and I really pushed to boat out spending a grand total of one pound. Pathetic isn't it. I am hopeless when it comes to spending money, I can never find anything I really want. All I bought was some incense, which I love, and that was it. The afternoon did not get off to a good start when the scooter I was given ran out of power within a couple of hundred meters from the shop. I had to be pushed back to change it. That problem solved we set out with high hopes but it was so busy. I kept having to stop and start and was walked into at least twice despite my best efforts. We escaped by going out into the market, which is where I found the incense, and were able to have a good browse. Still the trip achieved it's aim and I had a really good time and came home with a huge smile on my face and feeling a lot better in myself.

Watching the Grand Prix qualifying on our return when Peter had a little mishap. He had just taken a mouthful of coffee when he sneezed sending coffee right across the room. We ended up steaming the settee, mopping the floor and polishing the coffee table. At least we don't have to do it tomorrow now.

Tea brought a new revelation, Tarmac likes Marmite. I dropped a piece of sandwich and he was on it in a flash. Not only did he gobble it up but he demanded more. Yet another reason for me not to have a peaceful tea time in future.

Have to say that overall I am feeling more positive today and at last my breathing has improved, yay! Hopefully I really am, finally, on the mend. I've read that we are in for some nice weather this coming week so I'm planning a trip out with the camera and am actually looking forward to something for once. If I continue to imporve I hope to be back at work the week after but I'm not even thingking about that right now. I'm just concentrating on getting well. Work is not my life and can wait.

Tomorrow is my weigh in, if I've just stopped loosing I'll be happy. Will let you know in the next blog.