Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Spider Stand Off

You all know I love autumn. However there is one aspect I absolutely hate and that is the sudden upturn in spiders running around. These eight legged fiends are only trying to find a nice warm place to winter but why does it have to be my house?

Yesterday evening I was following Doctor's orders and relaxing on the settee when I felt the need for a cuppa. I got up, boiled the kettle, walked back into the living room, and froze. There right in the middle of the floor was an enormous spider. It seemed to spot me at the same time and backed up a little before waving two of it's legs at me. I shot back into the kitchen and took a few moments to calm myself down. I was on my own with an unwanted intruder. What to do? I didn't want to leave it as that would mean not being able to go back into that room knowing it was lurking somewhere. The only thing to do was trap it and remove it.

Now usually I have men to do this sort of work for me but, wouldn't you know it, they were both out. This would mean approaching the thing myself. I sorted through the cupboard looking for a glass big enough to contain it, remember in my mind I was dealing with something the size of the Harry Potter spiders, and fixed on a wide tumbler. I crept back into the room and for a moment couldn't see it. Fighting the rising panic I peered around the arm of the sofa and found it checking out the DVDs. With one swift movement I slammed down the glass, my quarry was trapped! I sank back on the sofa breathing hard while my enemy threw itself against the side of the tumbler with such vigor I thought it was going to tip over.

I always get teased about my fear of spiders. To be fair I am much better than I was, smaller spiders don't bother me at all now but anything bigger than a one pound coin gets me trembling and sweating, and this one was much, much bigger than that. However I'd been brave enough to catch it so took a picture to prove my courage. The spider was now sulking and had curled itself up into a ball. It was while reviewing my photo that I noticed one of it's legs were trapped. Now even though I hate them I don't want to hurt them so I lifted and moved the glass to release it. This had an immediate effect on the spider who uncurled itself and started throwing itself against the glass again. This spider wanted to eat me.

I retreated to the other side of the room and gave myself a talking too. 'It's only a spider, it won't hurt you.'
'Did you see what one did to Alex's leg?'
'Yes but if you are careful it won't bite. You can't leave it under the glass for hours, it will suffocate.'
I have to explain at this point that my friend Alex got bitten by a spider recently and suffered a very nasty reaction. In the end I decided the only thing I could do was get it out into the garden. This meant I'd have to get up close and personal but there you go, it had to be done. I found an old card and gentle slipped it under the glass and spider, which was going berserk, it really wanted to get me. I then opened the back door, switched on the patio light and went back into the living room. I took a deep breath and then gently lifted the whole contraption up and scurried as quickly as I could into the garden. I put the glass down but then was faced with another problem. That was a very angry spider and I had to get it out of the glass. I found a long stick and, at arms length, pushed the glass over before running back inside and slamming the door. I watched as the spider seemed to brush himself down and then sauntered off into the undergrowth. I left the glass outside for an hour before daring to go out and get it.

So, apart from being completely stressed out by that little event, how am I doing?

Well I'm feeling a bit better today. My chest isn't so sore and my cough has become dry again. It turns out that it is not a chest infection but a virus. Doctor speak for 'I don't know what it is but don't give it to me.' I have antibiotics to use should it decide to descend but apart from that its the usual get plenty of rest, drink lots, gargle. As I'd rather keep antibiotics for when I really, really need them I am happy with this advice. I have been told not to return to work until I am fully recovered though or I could end up catching something else. Having had winters where I've returned to work only to fall sick again a few days later, I've decided to take the advice. Better I'm off for a week now and then be well for the next few months than go back to soon and be in and out like a yo-yo. I haven't actually been sick since April, which is a miracle for me. Yes there was that week in May but that was down to a line malfunction rather than being actually sick. With that in mind I don't think they are going to mind to much if I look after myself for a bit.

Sunday was lovely. Laurence came to see me and we watched the Grand Prix together while munching away on spaghetti and chocolate muffins. One person was especially glad to see him and spent ages having a really big cuddle. Smirnoff and Laurence were firm friends when Laurence lived with us. Smirnoff was hardly out of his room. So whenever Laurence comes home the cat takes every opportunity to sit on him. We have arranged to meet up again in early October when we all have some time off.

Two other things of note. Healthcare at Home has finally rung to arrange to pick up their pumps. They are supposed to come on 29th September. It will be interesting to see whether they manage to still with that or not.

I finally booked my flue jab. The doctor said I needed to leave a week between being ill and getting the jab for safety. So it is booked for 8th October.

So that's it really. Staying at home is pretty boring so there isn't that much to write about. Next blog? When something interesting happens.