Monday, 19 September 2011

Those Cats Were Fast As Lightning

The cats have been in a funny mood today. This morning while I was having a cuppa and reading the paper in bed Smirnoff got up and curled up beside me. It wasn't long before he was snoring, yes Smirnoff really does snore, loudly. Tarmac then got up on the bed and seeing Smirnoff sat and watched for a while, then quick as a flash he bolted across the bed and landed the sleeping Smirnoff a hard smack with his paw on top of the head. A brief tussle ensued before Smirnoff jumped off the bed and Tarmac curled up in the now vacated warm patch. Later today while we were having tea Smirnoff was sitting at the French door watching a pidgeon eating a piece of bread on the lawn. Tarmac then wanders in and goes to sit beside Smirnoff, they touch noses and all seems calm. Suddenly Smirnoff lets lose with a paw and smacks Tarmac firmly between the ears then hisses at him and runs from the room leaving a bewildered Tarmac shaking his head and wondering what just happened. I just hope that if there is a third bout it is not in the middle of the night and doesn't wake me up.

Feeling so much better today so got to go out and do a bit of shopping. Laurence came with us so Peter pushed me and Laurence pushed the trolley. Laurence decided to get a few 'essentials' for his house move. These 'essentials' turned out to be a home head shaver/hair cutter thing, no I don't know either, a toothbrush, torches, smoke alarms and a concrete Welsh dragon called Idwal. Of course we have been expecting the move to take place quite soon but a phone call to  the solicitor to check on progess turned out to be a bit of a shocker. According to the solicitor the sellers are still on holiday, we were told they were back on the fifteen of this month, which was last week. A quick call to the estate agents confirmed what we'd been told as they had been expecting to hear from them also. Someone is telling porkies! The estate agents have promised to investigate but now Laurence is a bit stressed as he is suspicious the seller might be trying to wriggle out of the deal. I hope not as I doubt Laurence will get as good a deal again.

Andrew is home and sulking as his karate club has been cancelled for the third week in a row. The trouble is that there are so few of them in the club that if one can't make it then they have to cancel and since the instructor's death it has been even worse. Andrew has confided in me that he doesn't think the club will last much longer and has now started gto look for another club. I don't rate his chances as it took ages to find this one.

It has been a beautiful if slightly nippy day. I decided to stagger up the garden to see how things were going and was sad to see the cold is already turning the tomatoes black before they even managed to ripen. In desperation I've picked some of the bigger ones to try and ripen them on the windowsill but I don't hold out much hope. The brambles are heavy with fruit so tomorrow if the weather and my body are up to it I'm going to do some picking.