Friday, 2 September 2011


Found it really difficult to get up this morning. I seem to have lost all my motivation. Still not sleeping through the night so that probably isn't helping. Work dragged, all I could think about was getting my head down and having a good snooze. I perked up around midday and leaving in the warm sunshine I felt quite good. The roads were busier today so I didn't leave my windows down for long this time as the noise of the traffic rather spoilt the mood. It was still a lovely drive home and felt more like early June than September.

I was supposed to be going to help Laurence and Peter measure up Laurence's new home but couldn't face it so sent them on their way while taking the opportunity to be alone in the house for a change. A cup of tea and the paper on the decking, wonderful! There are not going to be many more days like these left this year so it was nice to get out in the fresh air and feel the sun on my face. It was a bit disappointing that I wasn't up to helping the boys it but I'm sure I'll be seeing lots of the house when he finally moves in.

Andrew is celebrating the last weekend before returning to school with an all night party at a friend's house. He has been there before so I'm OK with it but it is a stark reminder that in five weeks he will also be an adult and no longer needing my permission to stay out all night.

Got my phone call from Healthcare at Home regarding my drug count. Delivery is on the 16th.

My oxygen has finally arrived and been installed, I have one massive tank in the living room and a second in the bedroom. In addition  I have four small portable cylinders that I can wear in a ruck sack type bag for when I'm out and about. My medical team were worried about the way my oxygen sats drop when walking so decided the time had come for a little extra help. I don't think I'll be using the big cylinders unless I get a cold or chest infection as I'm perfectly fine when sitting down, which is why I can still work. Walking around is still difficult even with my new meds so having oxygen I can use when I  need it without having to drag a huge tank around will be a bonus. Although described a 'light weight' they still feel pretty heavy to me. There is an optional trolley I can request so I can drag the bag around but I don't know if that will be more of a hinderance than a help. I'm going to take one of the little portables into work with me tomorrow to see how easy it is to get on with. If I find it very heavy to carry in from the car park, which is only a short distance, then I'll know that I'll be needing a trolley for longer jaunts. I've held out against having oxygen for a long time so feel rather sad that I've finally had to succumb but I don't have to have it all the time and it is nice to have a back up, just in case.

Last day tomorrow then four days off. What do you think the chances are of the beautiful weather remaining? Yep, I thought that too.