Monday, 31 October 2011

Monster Mash

Had a lazy day today, well sort of, a quick dash around Tesco and then down to some serious pumpkin carving. I alway did a pumpkin for the boys when they were small and have kept it up ever since. It is sad to think that next year there will not be a pumpkin as neither boy will be at home. I really shouldn't have bothered this year but for old times sake I couldn't help myself. Not sure how I feel about this being the last Halloween that we are all together. Relieved that I will no longer have to make such an effort but sad that that part of my life  will be over at least until the grandchildren arrive.

The weather is gloomy, it hasn't properly got light today and we've needed to turn lights on to cook lunch, wash up etc. However it is not as bad as what is heading our way. The east coast of America has been hit by a snow storm which has brought major cities to a halt and caused massive power outages. Working on the principle that what ever the US gets we get four to six weeks later this storm should hit us early to mid December. Will we be ready for it? No of course not! Despite councils saying that after last year they will not be caught out I predict motorists being stranded on untreated roads, power cuts and a total breakdown of civilisation at the first flake. This is Britain after all.

The row over the 'occupancy' of St Paul's, as the press are calling it, rumbles on and has now claimed another scalp. That of the Dean who has resigned, the first was that of the Chancellor who jumped ship last week. What is going on? Since when did people start resigning because some unwashed, part time protesters have set up camp in the front garden? It seems a ridiculous situation to me. As far as the protesters are concerned they have pleaded that there be no violence when they are evicted. Here's a novel idea, if you don't want violence, leave. No one is forcing you to stay and isn't your argument with the stock exchange, not the church or have you all forgotten that?

Strictly Come Dancing has beaten the X Factor in the ratings as the show's popularity continues to plummet. They have tried everything, sex scandals, accusations of bullying and the usual bust up from the judges but nothing has worked. The only thing they haven't tried is getting some decent acts. Very few people I have spoken to actually cares passionately about who wins this year, most confess to only watching because there is nothing else on, they turn over when Strictly finishes, none have admitted voting. Even last year at least two of my friends would regularly argue which act was best, now they can't be bothered. Another person who couldn't be bothered was judge Kelly who conveniently caught a throat infection while in the States and couldn't fly back. Alexandra Burke was drafted in as a last minute replacement. Coincidentally the last time Strictly beat X Factor was then Alexandra was a contestant. They should have known.

Disaster has struck, the only pair of work trousers that go anywhere near fitting me have just some out of the washing machine covered in tissue paper. I now have two days to get them washed, dried and ironed. Plenty of time I hear you cry but in this weather?

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Music Man

Another little bit of my childhood died yesterday in the shape of Jimmy Saville. In the 70's he seemed to present all the programmes I watched including Top of the Pops and Jim'll Fix It. And I vividly remember his association with Stoke Mandeville hospital as he seemed to be talking about it all the time.   His rise was phenomenal, going from DJ to knight of the realm through his tireless work for charity. Who can forget those skinny legs sticking out of short shorts as he tackled run after run, including the London marathon.  And yet I never really liked him. With his weird hair cut, neither long nor short, odd way of dressing and talking and his every present cigar he always struck me as being a bit creepy. I could see that he was a good man, doing so much for others but I just couldn't warm to him. So how strange that when I heard of his death yesterday I felt a genuine pang of sorrow.

Last night I had the best night's sleep for a week and all because I have my baby back. He landed safe and sound in the early afternoon and I couldn't stop hugging him. He talked non stop about the great time he'd had and gave me a grocery list off all that he'd eaten. He was tired and hungry but grinning from ear to ear. As we were all at home I made a pasta for tea and was delighted when he declared it was good to get back to 'real' food. Unusually he didn't stay up to watch a film opting instead for an early night. It was almost lunch time when he emerged this morning so my guess is that he didn't get much sleep while away.

I am totally out of it today. Instead of putting my bedside clock back I put it an hour forward. I nearly had a fit thinking I'd slept through until half past ten when it was really only eight thirty. What really threw me was Peter saying I was up early. I thought he was being sarcastic and took the hump until I realised what I'd done. Will I live it down, I doubt it.

My appetite is back! Over the last few days my appetite has increased until I'm eating everything in sight and I'm down to one sickness tablet a day. I'm so happy. Also my breathing has improved so I'm feeling better than I have done in months. Only a few weeks ago I was ready to throw in the towel as far as the Flolan was concerned. It wasn't doing much to improve my breathing and made me feel sick which made me stop eating which meant I felt weak as well. Now suddenly there has been improvements all around. Maybe I should trust my medics more, they said it could take time and it has, a long time but finally it's here. Lets hope it is here to stay.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Part Time Love

I was sworn at within ten minutes of starting work today, fortunately things improved from there and overall it was a good day. This follows on from an excellent night where I managed to sleep right through, well more or less. I'm feeling far less spaced and much more like me again.

Tonight will be different a I will be worrying myself to death about Andrew flying home, I know he's sensible but I can't help but thinking about all the things that could go wrong. Still this time tomorrow he will be back with me so something to look forward to.

I've decided I have to order a new uniform up from stores. I've lost so much weight my current one just hangs off me and is quite uncomfortable as the only thing holding my trousers up is my belt. I could camp out in my shirt and my jumper reaches my knees. I will do it tomorrow, if I can work out how, and hopefully in a week or so I won't be walking around looking like a two year old in her dad's shirt.

In the news St Paul's has opened it's doors again exactly a week after closing them, by my reckoning they are currently down to the tune of £140,000, a hefty sum. Maybe they should consider charging the protesters rent to claw back some of the losses. Talking of which it seems most of the tents are empty overnight, so why not just move them while unoccupied? As for the 'dedicated' protesters well all I can say is no wonder no one takes you seriously if you can't give up you comfy beds for the cause. Part time protests don't really cut it, it would serve them right if they rocked up one morning and found a dosser in one of the abandoned tents. And would they call the police to get him removed, I bet they would.

Continuing my royal theme it seems the law is being changed to allow the first born to succeed to the throne regardless of sex. About time too. Some traditionalists will argue that it is the wrong thing to do but just because something is tradition doesn't make it right. Despite all it's history sometimes the monarchy needs to be dragged kicking and screaming into the twenty first century and lets not forget some of our longest serving and most effective monarchs have been women.

Halloween is approaching fast and today I saw some tiny witches being led up the road for what must be one of the earliest Halloween parties. I'm guessing it was a birthday party as they were all clutching presents. Now this shouldn't be blog worthy but for one thing. They were heading for the church hall. Last year there was a big row when the vicar banned a tarot reader from the church hall. Every year there is an autumn fayre and last year the theme was Halloween which immediately had the vicar getting his knickers in a knot. He disapproved but after the banning of the tarot reader and the toning down of some of the displays and costumes he allowed the fayre to go ahead. What got me about this little row was that the fayre is held to raise money for the church. Either the vicar has mellowed over the last twelve months to let these little witches and demons have their fun or no one has told him about the theme. Let's hope he doesn't find out. Sometimes it is fun to live in a little village and observe these petty squabbles from afar. This years fayre is being held on Saturday, might just pop along to see what this year's theme is, I bet it isn't Halloween.

Disaster struck today when I realised I was out of bath bombs. How could I let this happen? Half an hour later and with a package on it's way I am all relaxed again, I just hope it gets here for my days off so I can relax and indulge before going back to work. It's the little things that keep you sane.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Land Down Under

I spent yesterday in a foggy haze as my sickness tablets continued to disagree with me. I've been given some new ones now which shouldn't make me sleepy. I tried them today and there does seem to be an improvement. I had another bad night though so until I get a full night's sleep I won't be able to tell for sure. So not until Andrew comes home then.

Andrew is enjoying his holiday immensely and keeps sending my reassuring messages on Facebook. His latest I'll share to give you some idea of how his mind works.

'Day two in the wilderness and food is plentiful.'  

Cheeky little monkey, he knows I will be worrying about him eating enough, not being mugged and getting enough sleep. All messages have related to these three things so far.

In the news the Queen is getting an enthusiastic welcome down in Australia. Only twelve years ago there was a strong movement to ditch her as head of state. Judging by today's mood it is no wonder it failed.  Love her or hate her she brings a bit of magic that is all her own and, let's face it, there are not many world leaders that do as much as she does and none are as old. This might be her last trip down under and I can see why. The flight must be arduous at her aged and the ninety year old Prince Phillip must find it very trying.

I personally love the fact that we have a royal family but worry what will happen when the Queen dies. Will there be such enthusiasm for Charles and Camilla, I don't think so. I can see Australia and possibly Cananda breaking away once the Queen has gone because the affection is mostly for her rather than the role and try as he might Charles just isn't as popular. William on the other hand will be greeted with enthusiasm only his Grandma commands at the moment but by the time he reaches the throne it will be too late.

Amy Winehouse was five times over the limit when she died. So much for trying to dry out. I don't understand how anyone can physically drink that much in the first place.

They are now giving gastric bands to kid aged just twelve. What is wrong with giving them a football and taking them down the park every day after school. Oh wait, that would mean actually doing something with your kids instead of parking them in front of the computer with Domino's pizza on speed dial.

What is the world coming to when we'd rather make our kids undergo risky surgery than say no to that extra packet of crisps. Twelve year olds do not get obese by themselves and the adults responsible should hang their heads in shame. What I don't get is how it is that the poorest, because most of these obese kids come from 'deprived' backgrounds, seem to eat the most. Yes you have fat rich kids but the majority are on the poverty line. 

And I do not believe the excuse that they cannot afford fruit and veg. If you can afford takeout each night, which I cannot, you can afford fruit and veg. My fridge and larder are full of yoghurts, bananas, apples, grapes etc but I have to seriously think about affording a Chinese. Maybe that's the point, I chose to spend my money on fruit, others prefer to spend it on curry and chips.

Been at work for two days now and have two more days to go before I get four days off. Next week will not be pleasant as we find out whether we still have jobs after April and if so in what form. I am dreading it, it is going to be such an unhappy place.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Hanging On The Telephone

After another bad night's sleep waiting for the text to say Andrew had landed safely I feel really out of it today and my stomach is playing up which doesn't help. The text arrived at two but by then I was far to tense to go to sleep so a restless night ensued.

Today was also warfarin clinic day and the place was packed, waiting was agony because all I wanted to do was sleep. My old ladies were there and upset about something but I couldn't work out what and with the noise levels I couldn't eavesdrop very well either. All I got were little snatches of outraged mutterings.

After the clinic we picked up petrol and did a little bit of shopping before returning home where I gave in and had a nap on the bed for an hour. It didn't really make me feel any better.

The good news story of the day was the rescued of a fourteen day old baby from the rubble in Turkey. How does something that young survive such conditions I'll never know but so glad it did.

As predicted we won't be getting to vote on Europe anytime soon thought lots of MP's rebelled so maybe the time is getting closer.

Talking of the Prime Minister he was in my area today visiting Lockheed Martin in Ampthill.Of course mo one knew until he'd been and gone so he was not met by any booing or cheering from the locals, maybe that's just as well as our MP is one of those that voted against him.

Short but sweet today, will write more tomorrow when hopefully I can see straight.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Well Nancy stayed on Strictly but so did Russell so something to be pleased about. As for X factor the judges voted off the one who could actually hold a tune, typical.

Had a bad night last night, I was worrying about Andrew going off to Bulgaria today. Everything that could possibly go wrong flooded my mind and filled me with dread. I rapidly came to the conclusion that I worry too much but can't stop myself. Even writing about it brings the panic on.

Meanwhile Andrew was one excited little bunny, to him it is all one big adventure. He spent the morning packing and the more he packed the worse I felt. Is it wrong to feel so protective. He has just turned eighteen and it is his first trip abroad on his own. I know he is going to be met but I'm still a ball of anxiety. Driving him to the airport every bone in my body wanted to turn around and bring him home. He has promised to text me once he has landed and to keep in touch via Facebook so it won't be too bad, will it? Of course once he's there safely I'll start worrying about him getting back. Hopeless aren't I?

At least he isn't going to Turkey where the latest earthquake has struck with such force thousands are missing feared dead. This apparently was a vertical earthquake which causes more movement than the usual lateral ones, no I don't understand it either, and how can they tell? Of course it has struck in one of the poorest areas, don't they always, so those with little now have nothing. What impressed me was the speed with which help arrived. Usually it takes days but despite the remoteness of the region the Red Crescent organisation had people there with tents, blankets and water within hours. Machinery will take a little longer to arrive and help with the search but at least those unharmed but homeless have someone to help them today.

Today MP's are voting whether to allow us, the people who voted them in, to vote on staying in the European Common Market. What a cheek. Of course there should be a vote but we won't get one because we are not clever enough to make such a big decision. Well all I see is money being bled from us left, right and center and us getting little in return. I may not have been to Oxford, Cambridge or Eton but I know a bad deal when I see one. Getting out of Europe could solve a lot of our problems, including the immigration problem, but there is no point in even going there because it's not going to happen, damn it. It annoys me when someone I may not even have voted for gets to decide if I can vote for something or not. Some will say that is what parliament is for but I always thought it was there to work FOR us and follow OUR wishes. Doesn't seem that way these days.

It's half term and wouldn't you know it the weather has turned with high winds, heavy rain and flooding predicted over the next few days. A sure sign our weather has returned to normal. Bring out the wellies.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Stead Of Makin Me Better You Keep Makin Me ill

I was sick last night, not badly but sick. This is not a good sign. If it happens again or get worse I'm going to have to take my dose back down again. I'm fed up at the moment and wish I'd never agreed to having the thing put in. Spent the day doing household chores such as the laundry and ironing. This kept my mind off my stomach. The hardest task was cooking lunch. I managed but did not partake. Seems I am back to square one.

St Paul's is closed for the third day so by my reckoning that is £60'000 down the drain thanks to the economic protesters. There was still a wedding that took place yesterday with little trouble and the normal church services are still taking place today so for St Paul's it's a weekend acting like a normal church rather than a cash cow. Sometimes going back to your roots is good for the soul.

I found out what the protest is about, capitalism apparently and yet most are wearing designer or at least branded clothing and making it a very good weekend for the local Starbucks. A case of double standards maybe?

Strictly Come Dancing was very good last night but I do want to see Nancy go. She's hopeless and doesn't even have a good personality to vote for. Unlike the other poor performer Russell she isn't in the slightest bit likable so I'm hoping she goes tonight as I very much want to see Russell in the Halloween special.

Talking of Halloween I bought my pumpkin yesterday, nice and tall with a flat side perfect for the design I have planned. I always do a pumpkin and stick it in the window, I'm not a nimby when it comes to these things and haven't had my house egged yet. In fact, and I'm blowing my own trumpet here, I'm quite good at pumpkin carving and have had people knock on the door just to say how much they like my latest effort. Although we do get trick or treaters it all settles down by eight and we don't usually have any trouble. Another benefit of being in a small village.

By the mid afternoon my stomach showed signs of settling down and I managed an apple and a packet of monster munch without any problems. Maybe the sickness is passing after all, I'll just have to see how I get on over the next few days. I'm going to the doctor's tomorrow to see if they can give me something to keep my stomach settled during the day without making me sleepy. I'd rather take another pill than suffer another day like today.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Smooth Criminal

Can someone explain to me Sky News' obsession with the trial of Michael Jackson's doctor? It is impossible to get a news update on Sky after five o'clock because of this. It's not even as though it is interesting, the bit I watched bored me to tears and as far as I can tell there is little point to it anyway as they are stitching the doctor up good and proper. America is different to us, money runs everything and if your financial security depends on a fabulously rich but totally loony client it must be very difficult to say no. Yes he should have thought about the ethics and morality of what he was doing but I suspect Jackson was a very tricky customer. No one will ever know what really happened that night except those that were there and they are all watching their own backs at the moment. Can I believe Jackson defied his doctor's advice and gave himself too much of something? Yes I can. Can I believe the doctor should have been more forceful and not left Jackson alone with any medication? Yes I can. I feel quite sorry for the doctor, whose skin is suspiciously taught and smooth, what chance does he have against the might of the Jackson wrath? He was damned if he did and damned if he didn't it seems to me. What a terrible position to be in. So who is to blame? Either? Both? No one? My personal thought is that it was an accident but that is not going to satisfy the Jackson clan, one way or another the doctor is going to get the blame.

They have close St Paul's for the first time since the Blitz. Protesters that were barred from the Stock Exchange have camped up in front of the cathedral preventing normal activity. What sort of protesters are these that allow themselves to be barred from somewhere? We are obviously not talking of protesters of the caliber of those at Dale Farm. If someone had tried to bar them the unfortunate would have been bombarded with bricks. These are more civilised protesters who decided to obey the ban and moved to cause chaos outside an innocent and much loved London landmark, only pausing in their activities to collect supplies from Starbucks. No wonder everyone is confused at what exactly they are protesting about if they are not even protesting in the right area. As for St Paul's it is worried because it is loosing £20'000 per day while the building is shut. I know they have overheads and upkeep but £20'000 a day is an obscene amount of money to be making out of a house of God. Please never tell me again that the church is poor because I won't believe you.

The X Factor is in trouble again and this time it is the judges. Apparently Simon Cowell is fuming because the show is loosing viewers like crazy. He is blaming the judges and telling them to start improving or else. Here's some news for you Simon. It's not just the judges that are at fault. It is the endless adverts, tired format, hopeless acts and weird styling that are turning viewers off. I videoed last week's as an experiment and whizzed through everything but the singing. I watched seventeen minutes out of a two hour programme. THAT is why Strictly is stomping all over you.

Really tired today, I always am after a trip to the Brompton though. The combination of the journey, all the waiting around and the stress of wondering what you are going to be told tends to take it's toll. So apart from a brief outing to Tesco I've been having a lazy day. I have a slight uneasiness in my stomach but nothing to worry me yet. If I stay like this then I can cope thought it might mean a falling off in my eating for a little while. Let's hope this is as bad as it is going to get, time will tell.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Total Eclipse Of The Heart

I know Gaddafi is dead, it was on every news channel for hours yesterday but do I need this fact confirmed by lurid pictures on the front of the newspaper first thing this morning? No I don't, it puts me off my breakfast.

There used to be a time when such pictures would be tucked away inside the front cover so those of a sensitive disposition and young children would be spared the gory details. Now it's a competition to see who has the worst picture. I know there will be doubters who need to see for themselves, after all there are still those who do not believe Hitler or Elvis are dead, but if they are that concerned look for the pictures on line, don't ruin my morning with them, or at least give me the choice of whether to open the paper or not.

It was hospital day today and unusually we sailed in and found a parking spot straight away so we we half an hour early. Mindful of what has happened in the past I went straight to the reception and booked in anticipating the usual stream of pre-consultation  tests, I didn't even have to have a blood test so a long wait ensued.

Overall they seem a bit frustrated with my progress, by now I should be on the full dose but linger on just over half. So today they decided to increase the dose by the smallest margin possible to see how I get on. I've gone from 1.2 to 1.3, previously they were increasing to 1.4 which caused me all sorts of problems. If I can tolerate the increase they will leave me on it for at least six weeks to allow my body to acclimatise before attempting to increase it any more. I am on strong anti sickness tabs and have instructions to go to my GP for an even stronger dose should I need it. If I can make it through the weekend without any problems then I don't think there will be any as before things started to go wrong within twenty four hours of any increase.

My progress on the transplant ladder got another boost when I was told that the heart consultant had e-mailed and written to Harefield to confirm I no longer have any arrhythmia problems. Apparently this was a bit of a sticking point because they won't do just lungs if the heart is a bit dodgy and my heart is too good to be replaced so a heart/lung has been ruled out. In short I've been told to stop thinking heart and concentrate on lung which takes some getting your head around after you've been told your heart is the problem your whole life. It is all very confusing and complicated. I've been told to expect an appointment for some extended tests within the next couple of weeks. How many tests do they need? And what exactly are 'extended' tests anyway? It's go something to do with the lung lab so I expect a treadmill or a bike will be involved somewhere along the line, terrific. As for the Brompton well my next scheduled appointment is for sixteenth December.

A picture that made me smile in the papers today was one of the travellers and their supporters walking out of Dale Farm en masse. No fighting, no shouting, no screaming. Maybe on hearing about Gaddafi's death they realised they were no longer top of the news and that no one really cared anymore. You are only news until the next big story, then you may as well go quietly. Alls well that ends well.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Man With The Golden Gun

Caesar is dead, the earth will shake.

Hearing that Colonel Gaddafi has been killed must be as akin to hearing Julius Caesar has died, well it's as good as any analogy I can think of. As long as I've been aware of foreign politics there has been a Gaddafi. For there no longer to be a Gaddafi seems very strange. Just like Caesar his name will live on in history not always for the right reasons. What has amazed me in all this is how quickly Gaddafi went from flavour of the month to public enemy number one. He has always been a dodgy, unstable character but also and entertaining, colourful one and both the UK and USA government courted him with some zeal up to a few years ago. Who can forget Gaddafi and Blair in that tent. The reason of course was oil, isn't it always, and moral objections were firmly put aside for financial concerns. Out of all the dictators Gaddafi was the one we as a country 'liked'. Now like Saddam he has gone but at least he didn't suffer the ignominy of being captured only to be hung in the middle of the night and his body disposed of. He died as he lived, doing just what he wanted and sod everyone else.

The evictions at Dale farm carry on apace but thankfully Gaddafi knocked the continuous coverage temporarily off the news. Once the last of the rent-a-crown protestors had been removed the majority of the actual travellers decided to go quietly and began to leave. There are a few hardcore who will have to be dragged out but on the whole they have been peaceful. Which goes to show the people causing the most trouble were those that really had nothing to do with it, as usual. Less than thirty arrests and no injuries of police, baliffs or security, now that is what I call a result. Of course this sort of event bring it's own special comedy moments, my two favourites were a traveller woman who spat fire at the television cameras and shouted 'you brought riot police, you said you wouldn't use riot police against women and children'. She was utterly outraged that police had entered the camp en mass and with force.This single sentence seemed to be the height of her contribution to the cause after which she stalked off in high dudgeon. She obviously ignored the fact that it was the rent-a-crowd that had necessitated the riot police and if she and her children had agreed to go quietly non of this would be happening. I love people like that, they can never see when they are in the wrong and will argue black is white despite all evidence to the contrary. The second was a protester who stood like a solider in front of a line of police with his arm raise ready to strike with what looked like an old chair leg. The police were threatening to taser him and he kept yelling 'come on then' right up until the moment they did and he went down like a sack of spuds, classic. Did he really think they wouldn't? He can't say he wasn't warned.

Last day in work this week as I'm off to the hospital tomorrow. It was a good day and I coped better than I thought it being my third day in. If this continuous I'll be asking to go back up to six hours in a couple of weeks. Hopefully whatever happens at the hospital won't scupper this plan.

When I got home it was straight off to Milton Keynes to get Andrew the money for his trip next week. The Bulgarian currency is quite boring and has picture of famous Bulgarians on the notes but I had no idea who they were and frankly cannot be bothered to look them up. Andrew said he might so I'll wait and see what he finds out. A quick stop off at Boots to pick up Andrew's meds for his throat and then home again. I was starving in MK and would have like a burger but thought better of it and decided to do a quick pasta for tea instead.

There may not be a blog tomorrow, it depends on how long I am at the hospital.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Travelling Light

So the day finally arrived without the usual warnings that allowed rent-a-crowd to gather and chain themselves to things. Instead it was a sensible dawn raid through the back door.

What am I talking about? The eviction of the illegal traveller site at dale farm that's what. Previous attempts to move these people on have failed simply because the authorities warned them they were coming allowing them, and their hangers on, time to prepare. Finally someone had the sense to suggest not giving their plans away and, hey presto, they got in with relatively little resistance as all the protesters were kipping out the front.

I know some are sympathetic to the cause but I am not. These people have got away with illegal activity for over five years. If I'd tried to build without planning permission on greenbelt land I'd have been out on my ear in weeks. I resent the fact that it is my money that has been used to prop up the lengthy legal process as they staggered from one appeal to another. I resent the fact that it will be in every newspaper and on every politics/chat show for weeks to come. Then of course there will be more legal wrangling over 'police brutality' etc, all funded by my taxes of course.

It's not even as though the travellers are poor or homeless. Most own very nice, expensive properties in Ireland, in fact they appear to have bought out a whole village much to the disgust of the locals. So why they have to come over here and begin throwing up their shanty towns I don't know. Especially as there are plenty of permanent traveller sites with spaces available dotted around the country. Not in the right areas though according to the travellers. Is there a right area if you are a traveller? And a lot of them can lay their hands on more ready cash than and you or I could put together, no poor they are not and yet they are using my taxes to bail them out.

Finally lets look at a much missed point. They call themselves travellers, well aren't travellers supposed to travel? They are not supposed to want to stay in any one place for very long, that is supposedly why they have abandoned the property in Ireland to live in mobile tin cans in this country. So why are they fighting so vehemently to stay in one place? Does it make any sense to you? No me neither. At the end of the day all they want to do is not obey any rules and not pay their way and to make sure they cause as much trouble as they can while doing it. We all know that what is happening today is not the end of it and until our legal and immigration systems grow backbones this will happen again, soon.

Ok, now I've got that off my chest what about my day. Well it was very much the 'do you want a ten minute argument or the full half hour' kind of day. Everyone was so grumpy and unreasonable. I had some idiot continually missing the point, I think he was doing it deliberately to make me lose my temper, I didn't but it was a close run thing. I can't say it was a boring day though.

The heating is on and I'm bathed in warmth again, stepping out of the shower this morning was the last straw, even my goose bumps had goose bumps. I think we've done really well though and kept the heating off for much longer than we normally manage.

Andrew has developed tonsillitis once again just days from flying out to Bulgeria. He's on antibiotics so I just hope it clears up quickly.

Last day at work for me tomorrow, I must say I've done so much better than I thought I would. I'm quite looking forward to doing the full four days next week.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Good Day Sunshine, again

Back to work today and I must say I found it easier than I did last week.

I woke this morning with both cats firmly wrapped around me and we were all shivering. Having survived another day without heating today I have put the thick winter duvet on the bed and there will definitely be heating on this evening. The thermometer is still telling me that it is twenty one degrees inside, I don't get it, it certainly doesn't feel that warm. However the eleven degrees outside feels just that, strange.

Driving to work I was freezing until the car heater kicked in, then I go too hot and had to open a window. It was a nice day though amd with the sun shining it was easy to forget that it is late October. Once at work I had to quickly nip to the canteen as I'd forgotten my drink bottle. My appetite has increased markedly over the last couple of days (maybe it's the cold) but I along with my juice I also walked away with a kitkat and a packet of crisps. I gobbled this down in addition to an egg mayo roll I had for lunch. In the office I soon settled and was pleased to find it was fairly busy and the time just flew by. Yes I know I'm only doing four hours at the moment but you'd be surprised at what a struggle those four hours can be when you feel like your lungs are exploding.

Everyone is still discussing the new shift changes. Some are very tearful with the worry of wondering whether they will have a job next April. I am trying to be philosopical about it and not worry about something that hasn't happened yet and which I have no control over but I still get the odd panic attack. Things are changing and although it is natural to resist change I do wonder whether in this case the powers that be are cutting off their noses to spite their faces, you can't buy experienced staff and experience is worth it's weight in gold.

I put in for some leave to help Laurence move next month and was pleased as punch to get a yes immediately. Now that is sorted I can relax and hopefully be helpful come the day.

Droving home on the motorway I was feeling so well and so content I actually found myself singing along to the radio, well gasping would be a more accurate description these days. Now that is something I haven't done for a long, long time, wonder what suddenly brought this feeling of well being on?

There's been good news elsewhere today, depending on your point of view, with the release of an Israeli solider and one thousand Palestinian prisoners. Now I don't even pretend to understand the politics of this situation so can't really make any intelligent comment beyond saying that I'm glad everyone is now safe and well and back home with their families.

Oh dear  X factor is in the news again with a contestant complaining about the song he was given. Maybe I'm being naive here but if he had a problem with it then why not refuse to sing it? I know they are 'grateful' to be there and don't want to jeopardise their place but surely they must have a say in what they sing. Having said all that if the contestants ever watched previous years they should know that this is something the mentors do on a regular basis. Therefore this year's contestants should be expecting it and should not complain. Or maybe it's the fact that Mr Bird Nest Head ended up in the bottom two that is really upsetting him.

Decided to cook for tea this evening, nothing fancy just a simple Basil and tomato sauce with spaghetti and Parmesan. Sometimes the simpler the dish the better it tastes. Let the good times roll.

Monday, 17 October 2011

I'm Stuck In Colder Weather

I was rudely awakened by the phone going off at five minutes to six this morning. It was Laurence's work directing him to a special hospital duty for the day. This is one thing I will not miss when he moves out next month. I was furious because I'd had my first unbroken night since my chest infection started. However I did manage to get back to sleep and finally woke up groggy and headachy just gone nine.

With such an auspicious start I decided to make a curry for lunch and actually managed to eat some of it. I think the cold weather might have something to do with my desire for hot, comforting, stew type meals. Who knows and who cares, as long as my appetite continues to improve and I start putting some weight back on.

Andrew had a late start today so I got him to drop my prescription off at the chemist on his way to school. I still haven't had my new prepaid prescription card and yet it is a week since the payment went through. It had better turn up by Thursday when I need to collect my drugs or there is going to be a very angry phone call heading their way.

It is so cold today. Even though my thermometer said it was twenty degrees inside it really did not feel like it. It felt more like the fourteen degrees showing for outside. We still haven't turned our heating on but I think tonight might be the night. I'm currently drifting around the house in a large, soft dressing gown, which works a treat but needs removing if cooking etc as it is so bulky it gets in the way.

Had a nice long chat with my sister who appears to be recovering well from her chest infection and asthma attack. She has just returned home after staying at my mum's for a few days. I have no doubt they both drove each other mad, with mum trying to 'feed Wendy up' and Wendy politely but firmly ignoring her. I know my mum means well but she just can't help herself. I just hope the force feeding doesn't dampen Wendy's desire to get better and start eating normally again.

It's back to work day again tomorrow and as always I'm feeling well and raring to go but of course I always do sitting at home. I'm going to be doing my new enforced shorter hours for a few weeks. I'm off to the hospital again on Friday and if it is good news I might increase my hours again in November. Whatever happens I'm not going to rush things. I need to go back slowly in order to ensure I do not over do it and have yet another prolonged sick period. I'm sure they would prefer I was in for a short while each day than not in at all, well I hope that's the case.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Sing It For The Deaf


It was a beautiful day today, not too warm, not too cold so we went to the market town of Hitchen.We visited several charity shops on our quest for books and then popped into the old fashioned sweet shop where I bought some kola kubes, strawberry sherberts and apple bon bons. The tastes took me right back to by childhood when every Saturday, after getting my pocket money, I'd struggle with the choice at my local sweet shop. In those days I could only afford one quarter of something and a bar of chocolate. Managed it all on my own two feet but had to have a nap on getting home.

Everyone has been a bit gloomy following Wales being cheated out of the finals of the Rugby World Cup. Still some comfort my be taken in the fact that it is years since they even made the semi finals. There is always next time and of course a chance to get our own back come the Six Nations next February.

Watched Strictly Come Dancing in the evening. I get totally immersed in that show and can almost feel what it must be like to dance the numbers myself. I'm mad, totally mad.

We were all home and so film night was the order of the day and this time it was Dick Tracy with Warren Beatty and Madonna. A strange film it has to be said, Peter's choice again. My choice Sunday and as yet no ideas, typical.


I did it, I cooked and ate another full meal. This time sausages, peas, mash and gravy. No hint of sickness so things are definitely looking up.

After a busy morning getting the sheets washed and dried I decided to catch up on the X Factor this afternoon, never again.  Are the judges deaf? Act after act was either out of tune or out of time and yet praise was liberally heaped while the audience whooped and screamed like monkeys in the background. Now all this screaming is a double edged sword. It drowns out what the judges have to say but prolongs the agony for those of us just interested in hearing the singing. Then there are the so called 'stylists'. Where do they get these people? Most of the contestants looked like they'd been styled by a trained ape with no colour vision. And is it me or did the woman in purple look like she'd just stepped out of Blake's seven? If I ever watch the program again I will record it first. I reckon if I fast forward through all the ad breaks, how many does one program need for heavens sake? Whizz through the sob stories and the unintelligible judges comments I could compact a two hour program into twenty minutes. And twenty minutes of my life is really all it is worth.

Andrew surprised me by cleaning the bathroom and shower and he did an excellent job. He is not planning on trying to cook a souffle. He's been watching Celebrity Masterchef again and thinks souffles look nice and easy. Thankfully we did not have the right ingredients in the house but I have a feeling he is not going to let this one drop and it will be souffle for tea one night this week.

Laurence is working over this weekend but has booked off a week for his house move and has asked I do the same to help. I am happy too but I don't know what use I'll be. I can't lift, can't carry but can organise. I must start writing out the recipes he's asked for. He wants all my pasta dishes shrunk down for one or two people as he says he doesn't want to live on ready meals and take aways. I admire his intention but can I really see him coming home after a twelve hour shift and then rattling pots and pans in the kitchen? No is the short answer but we will see.

I'm feeling tired now and have developed a backache, don't know what I did to get that, just when part of you works properly something else shoots you down in flames.

Friday, 14 October 2011

It's Been A Hard Day's Night

What a mad couple of days.


Spent the day getting ready for work, got my uniform washed and ironed and got my bits together, could I find my belt? No I could not, it eventually turned up in my underwear drawer, how it got there is anyone's guess. Then it was off to Tesco and once again I made it around without oxygen or chair. We then got the ourside of the house ready for the installation of insulation that we are getting done for free courtesy of British gas. Peter doesn't think it will make much difference to the bills but if it only saves us ten pence a day I'll be happy. Once we were happy they could get thier ladder up without any problems I did a load of ironing, again. Went to bed early in the hope of a good night before work.


So the big day arrived and I had no problem getting up having had a restless night, again. Once showered and fed and after a dressing change I put my uniform on/ Big shock, it is enormous and drowns me. I can't even do the belt up tight enough to stop my trousers drooping. I look ridiculous but with no time to do anything about it I just had to grit my teeth and hope no one noticed.

The drive to work was lovely, it was just nice to be out on my own again and my disabled space was empty and waiting for me when I arrived. Although I took my oxygen I left it in the car as I felt well enough to walk the short distance to the office without it. Everyone was very welcoming and seemed really pleased to see me. The day passed slowly and I got very tired very quickly but I made it to the end with little trouble.

Then it was off to see the force doctor to check that I'm fit to be doing what I'm doing. He expressed concern but in the end we agreed on a reduction in hours and a promise that if I felt ill I stayed home. That will be an easy promise to keep.

Got home to find I'd missed the insulation people and all that remain were a few strands of fiber glass and a lot of dust. Thankfully Peter and Andrew cleaned it up before it could affect my breathing. Even so felt a bit wheezy during the evening so put my oxygen on as a precaution.

Early to bed again this evening but this time I slept like a baby.


Woke late but feeling better than I have done for ages, far less 'spaced'. Shows what lack of sleep can do.

It was drug delivery day and for once they arrived early, I was still in bed when they turned up. Once again there were boxes and boxes of the stuff but for once they seem to have got everything right, thank goodness for that, I won't have to go chasing them this week, at least as far as I can tell.

Laurence has had good news on the house front. He has exchanged contracts and is completing on the eighteenth of November so I have him for one more month. Don't know whether to be happy or sad really. Strange feeling.

Andrew is finalising his application to uni this week and will be sending it off over half term.

So much change happening these next twelve months, don't know what to make of it. 

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

And We Were Never Being Boring

Wouldn't you know it, the minute you want to post your blog your laptop gets commandeered because of it's webcam. So here it is one day late and with some extra bits thrown in.

It was a trip to Costco today to break up the boredom, I am so ready to get back to work. It was very quiet there so for once found a space straight away and in we went. I managed to walk around without need for wheelchair or oxygen so my recovery is coming along nicely. My sausage arm from the flu jab has gone down but it still looks sun burnt and is a bit sore to the touch. Still I'd rather the jab than the flu and there appears to be a lot of it about already this year. My appetite is still all over the place, yesterday I was eating everything in sight, even managing steak, chips and peas for lunch. Today I've been feeling queasy so have only had a bowl of cereal and a biscuit. How odd is that? I'm back at the Brompton next week so maybe they can sort it out, I wish someone would.

Andrew slept really well last night but woke to find he was stiffening up. Obviously the shock of falling off had masked all the bumps he got but he is feeling them now. Peter ordered up all the parts to fix the bits that broke and it came to a grand total of twenty seven pounds, bargain.

A week has past since Laurence heard anything about his house. He is giving it until Wednesday and will then go into nag mode to try and find out what progress, if any, there has been.


I was woken up this morning by two cats fighting on top of me, I was literally run over by them as they chased each other. Was I pleased, er no!

It has been another dull, boring day where my only source of entertainment were the marketing calls, you know you a desperate when you hope someone rings just so you can shout at them. A big pile of washing and and equally mountainous pile of ironing beckoned and eventually got done. Honestly in my house it never ends.

Some of the parts for Andrew's bike turned up today so they got fitted, just waiting on the indicators and gear leaver now. If they turn up tomorrow he could be back on the road by Thursday. I will be as nervous as hell the first couple of times he goes out on it again.

Big debate in our house over the latest crack pot scheme to increase organ donation. Have the NHS pay for the funeral if you donate your organs. Now I should I suppose be in favour but when I get my new lungs I want to be clear in my mind that they were given freely and not because the relatives were too cheapskate to give the donor a decent send off. I want to know what is wrong with the opt out scheme that was going ahead until recently. What can be simpler than presumed consent unless you really don't want to do it and opt out. I bet more people will bother to opt out than bothered to opt in. I am a donor myself, not that there will be anything worth having, but even if this new scheme goes ahead I'd still like my family to bury me because you can bet the NHS funeral will be the cheapest, nastiest one they can possible get away with AND I've read that the only option will be cremation, not everyone will be happy with that.

Also in the news the foolish couple who won the Euromillions. Why do these people advertise the fact that they are now loaded? How long before they have to leave the country to escape the begging letters like the other lot had to. Do these people have no sense at all?

One more day until I'm back at work, nervous? Me? I'd say so.

Sunday, 9 October 2011


I was right to be worried about Andrew going out last night as he came off his bike on the way home. He is not hurt just very shaken, the bike faired less well loosing front and rear indicators on one side and bending the gear shift. The panelling is scratched and cracked but that is only cosmetic thank goodness. So repairs have to be carried out before he can ride it again. Felt so sorry for him but glad he was fine afterwards. I sort of knew something was wrong, it must be mum's instinct because I got out of bed to see him when he arrived home, something I don'r usually do. How do we know these things. Peter will order up the parts tomorrow and we should get him back on the road by the weekend, not sure I am happy with this though. I'd rather he never got on the thing again.

Felt so much better today I baked a cake. It was deep rich velvety chocolate with fluffy choc cream on top, absolutely delicious. Amazing the change sickness tablets can make, the thought of cake would have had me bent over the loo yesterday.

Laurence was a little hung over today following a night out at the Bedford beer festival. He was quite taken with a beer call 'The Town Bike' but what really did for him was two pints of 7% scrumpy from Hertfordshire. He says he doesn't remember much after drinking them.

I'm now looking forward to going back to work next week, I'm back on Thurday when I have to see the Occupational Health doctor to discuss what hours I can do. I'm still not back up to my full hours from when I had my line put in so as you can imagine mega frustration as I doubt he's going to let me back full time for a while yet. If I can be full time again by Christmas then I will think myself lucky but that depaends on me not catching anything else. A bit of an ask in a room full of people but I will try.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Hanging On The Telephone

Has had a rough twenty four hours. Forgot one of my anti sickness tablets and it took me half a day to get back to normal. It is frightening how close I am to being ill without the tablets, I must make sure never, ever to run out.

Andrew went out for his birthday pub crawl last night and came back remarkably sober. He had three pints and said that it was pointless getting drunk because he wouldn't enjoy himself. When did he get so sensible?

Peter went out to buy a new set of phones for the house. The current lot must be all of fifteen years old if not older and have started doing funny things. The handset on my desk refuses to charge and the handset in the living room never rings until you pick it up, then it cuts you off about five minutes into a conversation. Definitely time to get some new ones. I was feeling too rough to go out with Peter so was quite curious to see what he came back with because almost everything we buy for the house we choose together as our tastes are so different. This time he came up trumps with four thin black handsets and a base station with integral answer machine all for one hundred pounds from John Lewis. Not bad when you consider that the ones we had cost over seventy pounds all those years ago.

It has been a day for cold callers, both on the phone and door to door. Peter dealt with the phone callers in his usual elegant style by telling them to 'fuck off'. I dealt with the double glazing man who kicked our solid matured oak front door and surround and offered to 'replace this old rubbish' with his plastic monstrocity. I pointed out that we had chosen our door because we liked wood and  thief would need more than just a screwdriver to break in throught it. He took offence at that and said I was a bit rude. Excuse me! You are the one who kicked MY door and told me it was 'rubbish' and you are calling me rude. I shut the door in his face for fear of vomitting on him. Peter reckoned I should have lingered.

It is such a dull, cold day today, I've had to put my cardigan on after a glorious week wandering around in tee shirt and shorts. Now I'm in socks, thick joggers, tee shirt, jumper and cardigan. Not sure how much of the shivers is down to the flu jab, my arm still looks like a sausage. though a smaller one, and how much is due to my vomiting. No one else seems to be feeling the cold quite as much as I am so it can't just be the weather.

Tonight Andrew is off to another party, this time a mates so another anxious evening waiting up for the call to go and get him. But I'd rather do that than he come to grief. What parent wouldn't?

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Accidents Will Happen.


We talk about stress. First off was my flu jab, I hate these things and my GP has a unique was of increasing the tension. Everyone is called in at ten thirty and on arrival given a number, we then play flu jab bingo. You pray your number is an early one then you get less of the horror stories from people coming out. Being a village surgery everyone knows everyone and they are not above sharing gems such as 'threw it like a dart' with those still waiting. Thankfully I was number three so didn't have to wait to long.

Then it was a trip out with Peter to pick up some car parts and a brush with white van man and the police. We were parked in a disabled bay outside the shop when white van man swung in and clouted the side of our car. Before we knew it white van man was out and bellowing at us that it was all our fault. We were parked for God's sake! Anyway he came swinging at Peter so I called the police. While waiting a very brave employee, who'd been out collecting trolleys, stepped in and told white van man we were definitely there first and he'd hit us. White van man calmed a bit at this, possibly realising with a witness he was on to a loser. The manager then came out and asked why white van man was in a disabled bay anyway, the answer was astonishing. 'I have just stopped for a quick pee and the law says I can use the bays for that.' How blatantly can this man lie? In the end the police had words about his threatening behaviour. We won't be going through insurance because he didn't have any so we've lost out all ways. I was so shaken by this that I couldn't concentrate for the rest of the day. Obviously he knew he was in trouble and decided intimidation was the way to go, well he's had his van ceased so a result of sorts but it still leaves us with a huge repair bill or losing our no claims bonus. Bastard I hope they crush the thing with him in it..


Today is Andrew's birthday and he's stopped saying 'last time I ...... as a child' and is now saying 'first time I ..... as an adult'. I'm sure the novelty will wear off soon, at least I hope so. We are having a special tea for him as he didn't want a party but is going out with friends tomorrow.

Peter took a good look at the damage today and thank goodness it turns out to be mostly pain transferance which he has got off. There is a small scratch but nothing as bad as we first thought. Big sigh of relief all around.

My arm looks like a sausage and is burning and itching and aching and I feel 'fluey'. Damn these flipping vaccinations, sometimes I think they cause more problems than they cure. And I might be having a pneumonia one once the Brompton get back to me to say whether I need a renewal. So I can look forward to more shivers, shakes and aches then.

Sales of my book seem to have picked up and I've had an unexpected flurry over the last few days. Good news for me but even better for the PHA who will be benefiting.

Hoping I feel better tomorrow, do I seem to be saying that all the time these days? I have clearance to return to work on the 13th so something to look forward to at last. Can't wait, I feel so out of the loop and isolated at the moment. Maybe good times are a coming.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Angels Watching Over Me With Smiles Upon Their Face

Great consternation at the Warfarin clinic today. It seems that once again the hospital is running things for it's own convenience rather than that of the patients. We were all issued with a letter saying the Tuesday afternoon clinics are being switched to the morning and we are to have fixed appointment times. Brilliant! So instead of turning up between say 8am and 11.30am each patient will be given a ten minute window to turn up in. So what happens if there is a road problem, or the car park is full and you cannot get a space? What if the clinic is a nusre or two down due to holidays or illness? Will you be turned away? This is supposedly to cut costs and waiting times. I bet, I can't see it working and a lot of people are very upset about it. I see rebellion ahead. Of course if the staff actually worked rather than spending half their time gossiping with the receptionist or away on tea breaks there wouldn't be any backlogs.

I could not get near my ladies again today as the clinic was packed out, what a shame I bet their comments would have been worth listening to, but I did get a seat so that was a blessing. I sat opposite another elderly lady who was rude enough to spend the entire time, until her name was called, staring at me. She spotted the line as soon as I sat down and blatantly stared trying to work out what it was. At one point she even lent right over to try and see where it was attached. I'm used to people looking by now and usually ignore it, which I did this time but it was really hard. I felt like lifting up my top and flashing her while saying 'there are you satisfied now?' The thing is if she'd actually asked about it I'd have been happy to explain what it was and what it was for. I don't know what she'd have done if I had the full kit on.

Yes today I was able to leave my oxygen in the car. I even made it around Tesco without oxygen or a wheelchair, I felt so proud of myself and so encouraged. I'm obviously better but oh have I lost weight. Even my smallest jeans keep slipping down without a belt and all my tee shirts hang off me. Now I was a busty girl so to have a tee shirt 'hang' is quite a feat. I still cannot manage a proper meal but what I do eat is staying down now. I guess I'll just have to keep picking and hope for the best but I am going to have to speak to the Brompton again about this as I'm now under seven stone and even for a short arse like me that isn't healthy. Peter reckons I'm not eating because I'm not doing anything, he could be right and my appetite might pick up once I'm back at work. In the meantime bring on the chocolate raisins, crisps and cheese.

I had a lovely surprise when I returned home from the clinic. Laurence had dusted and polished and tidied the house, my kitchen and living room sparkle. I am lucky to have such kind and thoughtful boys.

Andrew is still on countdown for his eighteenth on Thursday and is driving us all mad. 'This is the last time I ..... as a child' now follows every activity, goodness knows what he will be like tomorrow.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Haircut 100

I don't believe it! Laurence slept through all that noise, how? Some people have all the luck.

The weather is changing with high winds arriving this afternoon and temperatures dipping by a couple of degrees. Still lovely though and despite battling the breeze I enjoyed a brief sit out in the sun with my book. It is great drying weather so I washed all my sheets and duvet covers as they never smell as fresh when tumble dried.

I slept like a log last night and feel so much better but my stomach is still playing me up. I fancied some Heinz chicken soup for lunch, I used to love it when I was ill as a kid but was so disappointed. It had so little taste it was like drinking dishwater. So no lunch for me today, again. I'm wondering whether the drug is affecting my taste buds because a lot of things taste different these days.

Today was ironing day and I faced a pile of sports wear and work wear but I got it done and can now relax for a few days before I have to start again.

Larence was home today but I didn't see much of him as he slept until late and then went to the gym for most of the afternoon. He came home with one of those Babyliss hair shavers that are mean to be dead easy to use.  As he has really thick hair he elected to try it for the first time out in the garden. I'm quite glad the neighbours are away at prsent because he looked so odd standing stripped to the waist running a shaver around his head. It didn't do a bad job but it will take some getting used to.

It is car insurance tinme for me and I gritted my teeth to go on the comparison sites to find the best deals. I hate using these things as you get bombarded with e mails for weeks afterwards. For a joke I put Andrew on the policy and nearly fainted when quotes came back ranging from £2000 - £7000. For just me and my husband they all hovered around the £300 mark. As it happened none beat the quote from my current insurer so things will be simple this year, I just pay my money and relax.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Make Some Noise

What a night and I'm not talking along the lines of fantastic.

Went to be at eleven thirty and noticed a noisy party going on just up the road, by half twelve the party had descended into a loud argument which resulted in a large noisy contingent making their way up the road and away from our house. Then all went quiet. Bliss! Ten minutes later we were treated to loud bangs and crashes, it sounded like someone throwing sheets of metal around. By half one Peter had had enough and phoned the police who informed us they were already on their way. Several minutes later two police cars came hurtling up the road. The policemen got out of the cars and stood around listening then got back in their cars and took of a speed. Fifteen minutes later after some shouting it all went quiet again, bliss! The the alarms went off, a car and a house intermittently for about an hour, by three I was asleep.I feel like a zombie this morning. Andrew slept throught it all, his room is at the back of the house and Laurence went to work early so I have no idea what he thought of things. I have a feeling I will be in no doubt once he gets home.

While watching all this unfold I noticed a fat little hedgehog scuttling about on the law. I haven't seen our hedgehog for a few weeks so it was nice to see he was safe, well and thriving.

So all in all I've been like a wet rag all day. Part of me wants to sleep but the other half cannot relax so I keep drifting off then waking myself up. I've also been feeling queasy and I'm convinced it is the lack of sleep that is responsible. Peter has been out fixing the shed roof, I don't know how he finds the energy.

 It is weight check day and I've managed to lose more, how? I've been eating more than I was so it just doesn't make sense. The boys say it is because I am eating the wrong things, all healthy stuff and not much in the way of fat. Trouble is anything 'fatty' makes me feel sick. It is hard but maybe I should up my intake of Complan and see what happens.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Out In The Parking Lot

Strictly is back and I am in seventh heaven, I love, love, love this show so my evening my weekend has been made no matter what the weather does.

Hot or what? Twenty eight degrees in my back garden and climbing. Terrible night last night, so, so hot just couldn't sleep. With the weather being so warm we had lunch on the decking and marvelled that normally we'd be in the dining room watching it rain at this time of year. The cats were confused and could not work out what was going on. They kept coming to look at us as though we were mad. It was gone three before I ventured to sit out in the garden and read, the heat was oppressive until the shadows started to lengthen. Until then I hid in the living room with the cutains drawn and the windows flung wide. It is the coolest room in the house until late afternoon and the sun swings round to the front of the house. Unfortunately my peace was shattered by next door's screaming child which was ignored for at least ten minutes then it got told to 'shut up' which made it scream more. I eneded up back in the living room.

We went out in the morning to get some roofing felt for the garden shed (it had come off in the high winds a few weeeks ago) and there was hardly a car on the road. This trip made me furious though. I went along just for the ride so sat in the car why Peter went in to buy the felting. I noticed during the twenty minutes or so that I sat there how many people were abusing the disabled parking. At least three cars pulled up, we were parked opposite as I was not getting out, and parked without badges while the drivers nipped into the shop. Now admittedly none stayed long, all left before we did, and the drivers would argue that they were only nipping in for a couple of minutes but that is not the point. During those few minutes someone in genuine need might have arrived and not been able to park or use the shop because of these peoples thoughtlessness. Why do people do this? Do they really HAVE to park in disabled spaces. I can't help but wonder what it is going take to get the message through to some people.

At half five Andrew went for a run but still came back dripping. The weather is due to continue into Monday but rain has been forecast for Tuesday. Would I be classed as an old grump if I said I was looking forward to a bit of water falling fron the sky? Yes probably but I do.