Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Out of the Frying Pan.....?

Now that I've switched to Bloopa, sorry Bupa, I was sort of expecting things to get a bit better. I mean no one could be worse than Healthcare at Home, could they?

Enough Normasol to Bathe in.
Well I'm beginning to think I was wrong. To be fair, I have only had one delivery so far with another expected next week, so maybe we just need to get used to each other.

There are very good things about them. They actually ring you when they say they will and it's a week before delivery, not the two weeks H@H used to do, which means it's easier to calculate what you are going to need. So top marks for reliability and sense there. My first delivery arrived right when they said it would and there was only one mistake, that was the batteries but that's because they didn't know which pump I was on and was easily sorted.

Since them they have rather let the side down.

I forgot to order dressing in my first order. I'd not checked my store properly and was convinced I'd got more than I thought. I had yet to receive my welcome pack with all the phone numbers I need so contacted the hospital who rang Bupa, who rang me. No problem they said, we will pop them in the post today. The dressings duly arrived but were the wrong type, these were the type I knew I was allergic too. Back on the phone and once again a quick response. Yes they would make sure they were IV 3000 this time. Package duly arrived and they were IV 3000 but the wrong size. Now after a third phone call I've been promised the right type and size will be delivered tomorrow. We will see.

Spending the afternoon with this chap...
I still do not have the promised welcome pack, though I have been promised faithfully, by three different people on three different occasions, that they are sending one out. I know what is going to happen and I think you do too. When they arrive if anyone needs a spare please let me know.

However the most bizarre event was the arrival, unannounced of a huge box containing 750 sachets of Normasol. Normasol is the sterile solution I use to clean my line entry site, I use two or three sachets per week. That means I now have four years worth. I think we can assume I'll have my transplant before I get through that lot. Again if anyone needs any, let me know.

I had a lovely conversation with them this morning when they rang up for my stock levels. The lady was very sympathetic and another welcome pack has been promised, along with dressings. She also promised to just send what I needed. Will that happen, well I'll have to wait until next Wednesday to find out. I will keep you posted.

Health wise I am feeling a bit worse again today. The nagging headache is back, Peter has it too, and my throat is on fire. My chest, however remains clear and my SATs high. I have abandoned work for this week, it is just not worth the effort it would take to get me there.  In some ways I hate head colds more than chest infections. At least with an infection you know the antibiotics will clear it up in a week or two. A head cold is a law unto itself and there is no knowing how long it will keep you in it's grip. So it's back on the settee with honey and lemon and a bag or oranges. I'm aiming for a Vit C overload. this little chap.

I'm digging out my Sherlock boxed set for the afternoon so with every cloud etc. That and a cuddle from Smirnoff and I'm sure things won't look quite so bad.