Sunday, 4 September 2011

It's Raining, It's Pouring

Woke up really late today, best sleep I've had in months and boy do I feel better for it. I don't remember when I was last this lazy but maybe I should try it more often. If the weather hadn't been so foul I'd have been working like a trojan getting the garden ready for winter. Unfortunately it absolutely poured so it was 'catch up with my TV programmes' day.

I'd bought some new bath bombs from the Lush website so despite the late hour decided to try one. Oh dear! It smelled lovely but was full of glitter and it wasn't long before I was covered in the stuff. Normally I wouldn't worry but I was concerned that the tiny bits would cause problems when I changed my dressing after the bath. I know it sounds trivial but anything like this getting near the entry site could set off an infection and that is really serious. An infection could mean a stay in hospital or even having to have the line removed and replaced. I tried to towel off as much as I could but all I succeded in doing was to spread it further around the bathroom. To add to my problems where my line has touched my body it now was also covered in glitter. By the time I got myself dried and dressed the bathroom, bedroom and cat were covered in the stuff. I must remember to read the ingredients of these things more carefully in future. In the end I used a couple of the disinfectant wipes to remove the glitter from the skin around the edges of my dressing and from the line so I was able to stop any glitter getting near the site. A lesson learnt. Alway check the flaming label.

Oh my goodness did it rain! I'm told it was really sunny around eight o'clock. By the time I surfaced it had clouded over but showed no signs of what was to come. Going into the kitchen to prepare lunch I noticed it had started to drizzle, the next time I looked it was pouring and it just went downhill from there. Within an hour the rain was coming down so hard that I couldn't see the other side of the road and the street had turned into a river. Not only was it heavy but it kept it up for most of the afternoon. Even our patio, which is well drained, had turned into a pond and the cats were having to use the narrow wall around the herb garden to get from the cat flap to the lawn. When they came back in they glared at me as though it was all my fault! The sun finally came back out late in the afternoon by which time I'd lost my motivation besides which it was far too wet to do any weeding. Maybe tomorrow.

My thoughts today are with a good friend who had to be rushed to hospital following an adverse reaction to medication. Well I certainly know how that feels. Sometimes I really think the cure is worse than the illness. Hope you are back on your feet very soon.

Andrew announced that in four weeks he'll be able to have a tattoo without my permission. This came out of the blue and I really hope he is just winding me up. However having talked to him about it, it is clear he has been giving it some thought. He doesn't want anything that is on permanent view as he doesn't want anything to impact on his chances of getting a uni place or, in the future, employment. That's something I suppose but even so I'm not exactly happy about it.

I've put on some weight, for the second week in a row, only half a pound, but it is still a gain. I ran out of the chocolate Complan so tried the banana one. It's a bit like Nesquick but not so sweet and nothing like banana. In the end though, despite the dodgy flavours it does seem to be doing some good so I will put up with it and with a bit of luck, at my current rate, I should be at my target weight by, ummm, Christmas.