Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Temperature's Rising

Started the day off with a three hour long power cut, whoop-de-do! It was really weird because the power only seemed to drain away rather than go off completely. Some items worked and some didn't, then it gave up the fight and everything went off. As everyone was out there was nothing for it than a nice soak in a bath bomb until I was able to use the computer. We rarely get power cuts and as there are a lot of road works around us where they are modifying junction twelve of the M1 we could only conclude someone had cut through something.

It was drug count day today and I still gasp when we get everything out of the cupboards. There's stacks of stuff and this is when we are supposed to be running low. We've got the count down to a fine art now so it was all done and dusted within ten minutes and everything was packed away again.

Saw my GP, the infection has gone, yay! However he doesn't think I'm ready to go back yet so it is another week off work. He's also insisting that I have the flu jab before I go back so that is booked in for Wednesday. Talking of flu Laurence has rallied and is back at work, so obviously not flu, man or otherwise.

Mad panic this afternoon when both Peter and Andrew realised their vehicle tax is due tomorrow. Thank goodness it can be done online these days.

Got notification of the automatic renewal of my prepaid prescription card today. How does this work? My card expires on the 5th October. The payment will be removed from my account on the 11th of October. My card will be issued between five and ten days after the payment. So in other words I'd better not need any meds between the fifth and the twenty fifth. And I thought buying it online would save me time, effort and stress. In effect I am paying for a fortnight when I won't have a card, very efficient!

Walked upstairs this afternoon to find both cats stretched out on the bed in a patch of sunlight. They are very confused as they are already shedding ready for their winter coats, I hope this doesn't send them in to overdrive and they start shedding faster, I can barely keep up as it is.

The weather has been glorious but far to hot for Peter to complete the car, he had a touch of heat stroke after working all afternoon yesterday so doesn't want to repeat the experience. He has sensibly decided to wait until tomorrow morning and do it then before the full heat of the day hits. He hasn't much to do and says it should only take about an hour so he is pretty frustrated but I don't want him ill so have advised caution.

Had a call from the Brompton to tell me I have cleared yet another hurdle on the road to transplant. They are also keen to get on top of my current breathing problems and the only way to do this is to increase the dose. So the new plan is to increase my anti sickness drugs first then increase my drug dose. Whether it will work who knows but I'm desperate now so am willing to go alone with anything. Lets hope it doesn't set my return to work back again.