Wednesday, 28 September 2011

We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

It's a day of illness today. First Laurence arrives home with man flu. He is really poorly but instead of being sympathetic I've had to tell him to stay away from me as I cannot afford to catch anything else. Then I find that my sister was rushed to A & E last night after her chest infection took a turn for the worst. Wendy is a severe asthmatic so I'm guessing the infection set her off and she needed help. I haven't spoken to her yet but will call her in a day or two when hopefully she will be feeling a bit better.

Laurence had a long conversation with the estate agents this afternoon and some alarming news has come to light. The 'doing the house up a bit' turns out to be replacing wood riddled with damp and rebuilding a defective chimney.  Sounds like the sellers have bought a dump. The trouble is there is no way all this is going to be done in six weeks so Laurence is looking at a Christmas move if he's lucky. Hr is seriously considering pulling out but that means losing eight hundred pounds in solicitors fees etc so he doesn't quite know what to do. I think the sellers have been very unfair with him because they knew about this before they went on holiday but just kept Laurence hanging. I know what I would do but at the end of the day he is going to have to make the decision for himself. In the meantime we are going to have to get used to living in a furniture shop for a little bit longer. Laurence also managed to speak to his solicitor who also had not been informed of the delay and in Laurence's words was 'a bit surprised'. She is going to ring the sellers solicitors and see if she can get anymore information for Laurence. Nothing is ever easy is it.

Peter decided to bite the bullet and replace the cam belt on my car this afternoon. He loves tinkering and is good at it but the thumps and crashes coming from the driveway did not inspire confidence. The job has turned out to be more involved than he thought and will have to be completed tomorrow now as the light eventually gave up on him.

Andrew did his first few hours at his new job today and seems to have got on quite well. I hope it works out better than the last job which sort of mucked him about a bit and never paid what they'd advertised.

Fed up of just sitting around I donned my oxygen and steam cleaned the settee. I've been wedded to it these last few weeks so felt it needed a spruce up. I did quite well and didn't get that out of puff. It is back to the GP tomorrow for another, and hopefully my last, sick note. If the GP can confirm the infection has gone I'll feel more relaxed knowing I've just got to wait for my lungs to settle down again. May go out with the camera tomorrow depending on what the doc says but at least I am feeling better.