Saturday, 10 September 2011

It's So Boring Being Bored

It has been another sad day for the PH community with the death of eighteen year old Laura. As I'm sure I've said before, every death from this horrible condition makes those left behind look at their own lives and wonder who will be next. It is a horrible reminder that this illness will get you in the end, there is no cure beyond transplant and very few of us will be given that option and even fewer will survive the transplant beyond five years. My heart goes out to Laura who had such a short but positive life and to her family and friends who bravely stood by her through everything. 

I've been forced to spend yet another day wrapped up in a duvet in front of the TV. Apart from being incredably boring, there is only so much TV you can take in a day, it is worrying that I haven't picked up yet. I just have no energy, no appetite, no desire to do anything other than sit and sleep.  I can't even be bothered to get up to make myself something to eat or drink. Even this blog seems to be too much trouble at the moment.

The boys have been wonderful. Andrew has taken over the role of cook and made a pasta for lunch, Laurence has turned into a cleaning devil and Peter is ferrying drinks to me on a regular basis. I'm being very well looked after all in all.

I have now given up on getting any tomatoes off my plants this year. I sent Andrew out to see if there were anymore ripe fruit and he reported back that it was all still very green and that the plants had been damaged by the recent high winds. What a shame, everything had looked so promising to start with, bloody British weather. Surely we are due a nice long hot summer soon. On the plus side the brambles are dripping with fruit which has now been picked, washed and frozen ready for some yummy crumbles and pies.

One thing I am looking forward to today is the return of Strictly Come Dancing. I have been an avid fan from the very first series so tonight's launch will be the highlight of the weekend for me, it's a pity we still have to wait another two weeks for the show to start properly. Tomorrow morning it is Wales versus Argentina in the Rugby world cup then the Italian Grand Prix in Monza. I will be trying very hard to whip up some enthusiasm, hopefully I won't have try that much as I might be feeling better by then. Here's hoping and come on Wales!