Monday, 26 September 2011

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part


Today has been a good day all in all. I woke late having slept right through the night. Then I made a Cannelloni for lunch and managed to eat some of it. I weighed myself today and the good news is I've stopped losing weight. The bad news is that I havent put anymore on but it is a start. Maybe next week will see a rise. In the afternoon I settled down to watch the Grand Prix and fell asleep halfway through, it seems the more sleep I get the more I need. My improvement continues and I'm a lot less breathless but a long way from being fit. It will take time I guess but how much is the question I need to be asking myself.

Great excitement was caused by an e-mail arriving from Amazon to say my second book 'It's Worse When They Like You' will be published tomorrow. It contains stories from my teaching days and some of the profits will be going to the Pulmonary Hypertension Association.


The excitement this afternoon was provided by a call from the estate agents regarding Laurence's house buy. As we suspected the sellers want to delay because they want to 'do up' the house they are moving into first. They have suggested mid November which is totally unacceptable as far a we are concerned. Laurence is far from happy and has pointed out that he could probably buy a house and move in in the time they want to wait. The estate agent is going back to the sellers with the advice to exchange or lose the sale.

We have been plagued by phone calls today, all from idiots claiming to be who they are not. I had fun with a couple first by saying that Mrs Roberts had moved out, this threw them for a second and then they tried to find out who I was. The second bit of fun came by pretending they had got through to the police, I've never heard a phone slam down so fast. We got no calls after that little lie so that is one to remember. Hopefully we have now been scratched off at least one list.

Andrew has been fighting a battle of his own today. He has been getting quotes to renew his bike insurance. He nearly had a fit when the insurers he used last year quoted him two thousand pounds to renew, he is currently paying five fifty. I advised he phone them, which he did, and after some discussion got a quote of five seventeen, proving it is good to talk. Still exhortionate when you think I insurer my two litre, Afla Romeo for little more than three hundred and that is worth about three times the cost of his bike. Remarkably the benefit of having a full bike license is minimal and would only knock twenty pounds of the quote so Andrew has decided to try again in November and get a couple of lessons in beforehand. Sensible kid, don't know where he gets it from.

It is Warfarin day tomorrow and I'm hoping it will be one I can attend minus my oxygen. I just hope it isn't as busy as it was last week.