Monday, 12 September 2011

Blowin' In The Wind

Well the promised storm arrived overnight and kept on going right through the day. It wasn't cold though and for most of the time we had lovely blue skies. Peter had a bit of unwanted exercise when our neighbour's bin was blown over and was relieved of most of its contents. It took him about twenty minutes to collect everything and return it to the bin. Typical collection though, any other Monday they turn up to do the bins before nine o'clock. When you want them to be early because of the weather they rock up at two.

Another day doing very little though I have been on the phone arranging deliveries. First call was to the oxygen people to order more canisters. I've been going through it at a fair lick as I'm using it for most of the day at the moment. They were really efficent and promised delivery sometime tomorrow. Also had to ring Healthcare At Home as I suddenly realised they were delivering on Friday when I expect to be at the Brompton. All I wanted to do was move the delivery from between eight and one to sometime after two when Andrew would be back from school. Simple wouldn't you think, think again. No they couldn't possibly guarentee delivery after two, even though I was told that I could arrange different deliveries provided I gave at least twenty four hours warning. The alternative was delivery on Monday, I pointed out I couldn't do that as I was very short on some items. This Wednesday was then offered and agreed on, then came the question, 'what time would you like delivery?'
'Late afternoon, around three?'
'That's fine, see you then.'
WTF!!!!! If I can arrange for delivery after three on Wednesday why can't I do so for Friday? Does that make sense to you? No me neither but I couldn't be bothered to argue with her so Wednesday after three it is.

Still feeling pretty poorly, the inside of my chest feels as though it has been grated it is so sore and I am coughing like an eighty a day smoker. I'm getting a bit concerned because I'm on day four of my antibiotics and only have three days left and they don't seem to have touched the infection yet. I'm in two minds whether to go back to my GP and see if he can prescribe something stronger or to hang on until I go to the hospital on Friday and hope they can suggest something. Peter thinks I ought to wait until Friday but he's not the one feeling like they are drowing but then will the GP do anything until I've finished the first course? Decisions, decisions. What really surprises me is that I'm usually fretting about work by now but I have hardly given it a second thought, maybe that's a good sign, maybe not.

The cats are absolutely hating this windy weather. Every time the windows and doors rattle they jump and look around nervously. Both snuggled up to me in bed this morning obviously wanting reassurance, which they would have got if they hadn't made me so damned hot. That is the weird thing, it has been very windy but not at all cold. The thermometer in the garden recorded twenty two degrees this afternoon and it is still in the mid teens as I write this.

My neighbour was out this afternoon examining his new fence. He appears to have erected six foot panels which he has supported with four foot posts. However it is a bit of a hasty solution to a tricky problem. Earlier in the year the house that backs onto their garden was sold and new people moved in and started to clear the garden. This in not usually a problem but they also cut down a selection of tall hedges and trees dividing my neighbours garden with theirs. Again this would normally not be a problem but everytime my neighbours sat out on their patio they would look up to find these new people just standing around staring at them, how rude. In the end my neighbours were made to feel uncomfortable in their own garden so they put up the new fence. I can't say I blame them as we had to do the same at the bottom of our garden when the people whose garden backs onto our property would set up deck chairs and sit and watch us in the garden as though we were a TV show. However our six foot panels are anchored in place by six foot poles so are standing firm in the face of the high winds. My neighbour's fence isn't quite so solid. A re-think might be in order.

I'm supposed to be going to the Warfarin clinic tomorrow but a lot will depend on how I feel. If I do go I'll have to take my portable oxygen. At least I'll get to give it a trail run at last. I think I'm going to have to trust Tesco to the men this week, which means lots of treats but they are bound to forget the loo rolls. Still you can't have everything can you.