Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Good Day Sunshine

Well it was Warfarin clinic day today and as always it brought much interest for a nosy person like myself. I wheezed in carrying my pump and oxygen but did not cause as much of a stir as last week as most of the regulars had seen me last week. There was no issue over seating as there were only half the people this week. I was delighted to be able to find a seat behind Grace and her budddies so settled down for a good evesdrop. Their topic this week, almost inevitably, was the weather.
"Oh isn't it lovely today."
"So hot almost like June." A chorus of agreement greeted this statement then all went quiet while they comtemplated what had been said. Then one of them brightened and lauched into a suprising revelation. The names are those I've given them for clarity.
Betty: I heard on the radio this morning that it is going to snow in October."
Grace: "Don't be rediculous, it can't snow so early."
Betty: "Well that's what the man said."
Susan: "Was it a BBC man?"
Betty: "I think so."
Susan: "Well if it was one of the local ones I wouldn't take any notice. They never get it right."
Grace: "That's right, it rained yesterday and they never mentioned that."
Betty: "I'm sure it was the BBC, they said end of October, maybe early November."
Grace: "Oh well if it's that late I suppose it could, I thought you meant next week."
Betty: Is it October next week?"
Grace: "Of course it is."
Susan: "I'd better get my winter draws out." At which point they started laughing and my name got called. Bless them!

I had a new nurse today who looked the spitting image of Cheryl Ferguson (Heather from Eastenders). The likeness was uncanny but I didn't dare ask her because I didn't know how she'd take it and I didn't want to get stabbed. She was very good but couldn't stop me bleeding so we sat for ages with her pressing my arm until the flow stopped. The temptation to say something was almost overwhelming but I did manage to make it out with my mouth shut.

It was then off to Tesco's to pick up some more fruit and crisps. I cut my losses and borrowed a scooter which either went fast or not at all. I managed to get around without knocking anything over or killing anyone so I was quite pleased with myself. I casn honestly say I felt better than I did last week but going out has highlighted how far I've still got to go. I'm thinking of going back to the GP tomorrow to see if the infection has really cleared or whether I need another dose of antibiotics.

Laurence was starting work late today so rang the estate agent this morning before going in and laid it on the line. Either they complete in two weeks or he will go elsewhere. I think he's got to be tough because I think the sellers are quitely likely to keep messing him about. There is nothing to say that when they reach November they then decide they want to wait until December. Best for him to cut his losses now than two months down the line. We are now all waiting anxiously to see what comes back after this ultimatum.

Andrew got his first birthday card today from the neighbour who will be away when he actually turns eighteen next week. He is all smiles today having sorted out his insurance and got a new job that pays him more than the old job. Thank goodness for that. An upset Andrew is something to behold and very difficult to live with.

I managed to enjoy a bit of the good weather by sitting on the pation with a good book and an ice cold drink. I ventured up to the tomato plants and picked fourteen lovely ripe tomatoes. Obviously they work on the 'watched pot' principle and as soon as I stopped caring they bloomed. So tonight it will be lovely fresh bread, strong cheese and home grown tomatoes. What more can a girl want? Only the small bar of Aero chocolate that I got for a treat tonight. Happy days!