Sunday, 11 September 2011

New York, New York

More on Laura. I have now found out that Laura was an organ donor and as a result at least two people have received the precious gift of life from her passing. The generosity of organ donors and their families never ceases to amaze me. What surprised me about this story was that Laura was still able to donate her organs. I always understood that the drugs we PHers have to take made donating organs a no-no but I appear to be wrong. I have now put myself back on the donor list and would urge anyone reading this to do the same. Don't put it off because you will forget. Do it now and save a life in the future.

Had a major panic this morning when I thought my line was falling out. The bit hanging outside my body seems to have lengthened and is now almost down to my hips. I swear it was shorter when it was first put in. There is no sign of infection or bleeding and I'm not in pain so don't know whether I'm imagining it. I was told that it would be almost impossible for the line to fall out as there are several 'cuffs' along it's length that hook themselves into the flesh to stop that happening. This is something I will have to keep an eye on over the next few days and definitely something to discuss with the consultant on Friday. I know I'm probably being silly but best to be safe than sorry.

Well Wales did really well against South Africa, yes I know I said Argentina, goodness knows where I got that idea. They lost by one single point and gave the current world champions a real run for their money. Samoa next Sunday, hoping for a win. As for the Grand Prix well Jenson did really well coming second and Lewis got fourth so not a bad result all in all.

I'm feeling a little bit better today but improvement is slow and slight. I am frustrated and want to push things but have been firmly confined to the settee again by my long suffering family. Tomorrow Andrew will be at school and Laurence will be at work so I'm hoping I'll be well enough to at least make my own drinks. I hate being waited on, like most mothers I find it awkward not to be looking after my family and having them look after me instead.

You must have been hiding under a rock for the last few months to not know that today is the annivesary of 9/11. Like most people I know exactly where I was and what I was doing that day. I was a part time teacher at Bedford college at the time and was at home preparing for my next class. I had Sky news on while I was going through some paperwork, there was a story I was hoping to catch an update on, and saw the second plane hit. All thoughts of lesson planning went out of the window for the next couple of hours as I sat glued. As horrible as it was I had to watch. Ten years on the horror has faded as time has blunted the sensation but I'll never forget. We visited New York the following February and went to pay our respects at ground zero. It was a weird time to be visiting. Most of the tourist attractions were still closed, we couldn't visit the Statue of Liberty for instance and had to be content with a boat trip around her. The strangest thing though was how many people, establishiing by our accents that we were visitors, thanked us for visitng their country. I've added two pictures to my blog today. One shows part of the wall surrounding Ground Zero and the other Andrew and Laurence posing with a policeman and some of the fire brigade all of whom were more than happy to have their pictures taken. I hope one day to return to New York in happier times and finally get to see Liberty from the inside.