Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Manners Maketh The Man

Well it was Warfarin clinic day today and time to give my portable oxygen a proper work out. In keeping with a lot of hospitals even disabled parking spaces are miles from where you want to be. Peter drops me a close as he can get and then goes to find a space and wait for my call to come and pick me up. It was quite difficult juggling my oxygen and my pump but I soon worked out that by wearing the oxygen like a back pack I still had my hands free and everything was easier to carry. Arriving in the clinic I immediately caught the eye of my group of old ladies, unfortunately it was standing room only today and I couldn't get near enough to them to eaves drop. Judging by the looks and nudging I'd at least given them some much needed entertainment. Standing by the wall all hooked up I noticed a family of four sitting together in one row. The kids, aged about two and four were up and down and everywhere but on the seats but when I asked if I could sit I got a firm no, even though there are notices everywhere saying that seating is for those having tests only. When their name was called only the father went in while the mum and kids stayed where they were, so obviously not patients. Why are people so rude and thoughless today? I regularly give my seat up if I see someone less well than me but for this lot even an oxygen tank couldn't persuade them I was more in need. I suppose I could have spoken to the receptionist and made a fuss but what was the point, I doubt it would have made any difference. When  I returned to my wall I notice my old ladies glaring at the family, so my plight had been noticed, I'd have loved to have been in on that conversation also.

Then it was on to Tesco Where I decide to ditch the wheelchair in favour of the oxygen, thinking it would be OK, Big, big mistake. Although I got round, luckily we only had a couple of things to get, Peter had to practically carry me back to the car and I've felt wiped out since coming home. I never learn do I? Just because I feel fine sitting in front of the TV doesn't mean I'm magically better but this little fact constantly evades my brain and I try to do to much. Tomorrow will no doubt involve a lie in and a tired day for my pains.

Laurence is working late today and Andrew only had one lesson so both were home for lunch which I managed to both cook and eat. Brilliant! At least that part of my life seems to be settling down.

There is still no news regarding the sellers so Laurence is a bit frustrated.

Andrew is full of confidence regarding his test tomorrow, I just hope it isn't misplaced. He's off out tonight to karate taking the ride to the venue as a last chance to practise.

Early to be tonight with a good book and a cocoa, is this what my life has become?