Saturday, 1 October 2011

Out In The Parking Lot

Strictly is back and I am in seventh heaven, I love, love, love this show so my evening my weekend has been made no matter what the weather does.

Hot or what? Twenty eight degrees in my back garden and climbing. Terrible night last night, so, so hot just couldn't sleep. With the weather being so warm we had lunch on the decking and marvelled that normally we'd be in the dining room watching it rain at this time of year. The cats were confused and could not work out what was going on. They kept coming to look at us as though we were mad. It was gone three before I ventured to sit out in the garden and read, the heat was oppressive until the shadows started to lengthen. Until then I hid in the living room with the cutains drawn and the windows flung wide. It is the coolest room in the house until late afternoon and the sun swings round to the front of the house. Unfortunately my peace was shattered by next door's screaming child which was ignored for at least ten minutes then it got told to 'shut up' which made it scream more. I eneded up back in the living room.

We went out in the morning to get some roofing felt for the garden shed (it had come off in the high winds a few weeeks ago) and there was hardly a car on the road. This trip made me furious though. I went along just for the ride so sat in the car why Peter went in to buy the felting. I noticed during the twenty minutes or so that I sat there how many people were abusing the disabled parking. At least three cars pulled up, we were parked opposite as I was not getting out, and parked without badges while the drivers nipped into the shop. Now admittedly none stayed long, all left before we did, and the drivers would argue that they were only nipping in for a couple of minutes but that is not the point. During those few minutes someone in genuine need might have arrived and not been able to park or use the shop because of these peoples thoughtlessness. Why do people do this? Do they really HAVE to park in disabled spaces. I can't help but wonder what it is going take to get the message through to some people.

At half five Andrew went for a run but still came back dripping. The weather is due to continue into Monday but rain has been forecast for Tuesday. Would I be classed as an old grump if I said I was looking forward to a bit of water falling fron the sky? Yes probably but I do.