Thursday, 22 September 2011

Bits And Pieces

Well after Tuesday I decided that yesterday was going to be a 'do nothing day' hence no blog because there wasn't anything to write about. I'd woken up with a bad back to add to my problems so had spent the day trying to find a comfortable way to sit and who wants to read about that, boring..

Found a flea on Tarmac so both cats promptly got the spot on treatment much to their disgust. I am a magnet to all things bitey so wanted to get them before they got me. I always use the spot on treatment instead of spraying them or forcing tablets down their throats but it is still a two man job. Luckily Laurence was on hand to do the restraining while I did the spotting. Both cats are now sulking and refusing to come anywhere near us but at least they are not scratching.

Someone else sulking is Andrew who failed his test and is very upset about it. It seems he failed for doing twenty five miles per hour in a thirty zone and not looking around enough. He feels this is very unfair and I must say it sounds a bit petty to me but there you go. Now I'm trying to persuade him to re sit as soon as possible. I've offered to pay for it again but at the moment he is reluctant. I guess his pride needs time to heal.

To take his mind off things and cheer him up a bit I let him have a go at preparing my meds last night. He's been badgering me to do it for ages. He wants to put this on his personal statement for uni as he feels saying he helps his disabled mum with complicated drug routines will give him an edge. Fine by me but I wasn't going to let him say it without doing it. As it happens he was very good at it. He handled the syringes better than I do, I think he'll be a natural medic.

Went to my GP and got signed off for another week, to be honest I didn't really think he'd do anything else. Still a bit disappointed though and annoyed with my body for letting me down, again! Started to think that maybe it is time to look at home working rather than goiing out to work but don't know where to start and don't want to get ripped off. When I get a chance I will have to research this and see what's what. I've never worked from home before except for a brief period of tutoring when between teaching jobs. I couldn't tutor again , I'm to out of the loop and to be hoonset I don't want to. I'm looking to do something more creative.

I'm fed up with facebook changing things time and time again so am trying out Google Plus. I will be using both for now so I can compare. Find me by my name and picture, both the same as on facebook.