Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside

Yesterday I did absolutely nothing, tell a lie I ironed a couple of shirts then did absolutely nothing. It was quite an interesting day weather wise with the wind howling and the rain lashing the windows. Both cats had decided to do what I was doing and we were all soon vying for space on the duvet. It was so damned cold! I refuse to put the heating on so early so it was out with the woollies and the socks and on with the furry slippers. My feet always seem to suffer the most in cold weather, if they are warm I am usually warm. The most exciting event of the day was Andrew going to register with the upper sixth, even though he had already told them in June he was intending to return. He was outraged when he was subjected to a fifteen minute interview as to his future plans and whether he intended to go to university or not. Why? What is the point and what does it matter what he wants to do after he leaves? Anyone would think the upper sixth is over subscribed but it's not they are fighting to fill places so why the Spanish Inquisition? Sometimes I think that school gets a little above itself, OK it is one of the best in the county but even so.

Today the rain has stopped and the wind had lessened but it was still a pretty wintry day. Even if we wanted to go out today we couldn't because we were waiting for a man. To be precise a man who would drill a hole in our wall and tell us whether we were eligible for free cavity wall insulation. We'd rung up about this in June and after several canceled appointments, by them, the big day finally arrived. Of course they couldn't say exactly when the man would arrive but it would be 'sometime in the morning'. He eventually turned up around lunchtime and set about drilling a hole and poking a small flexible camera in it to see if we had the sort of walls needed for the process. The good news is yes we have and a date has been set for the 13th October for it to be done.If they cancel this as many times as they canceled the consultation it'll probably be closer to 13th February before we get it. We've been meaning to do this for ages but last winter gave us the push we needed. Like most people with PH the cold is really bad news for me. Because of the various medications I'm on I feel the cold more than most. Cold also affects my breathing really badly, last winter was a nightmare and I spent most of it looking like a terrorist with a scarf tied around my nose and mouth every time I went out. At home we had to keep the heating going almost non stop and of course the bills were enormous. Hopefully being fully insulated will mean we won't need to use the heating so much and I will remain comfortable.

Apparently our computers were not working again today, at least according to the bloke who rang three times within half an hour to tell us so. Peter got increasingly irate until he hit on the idea of repeating the man's script back at him, we've heard it so many times we can repeat it word for word. The man couldn't handle this and finally slammed the phone down when Peter said 'now you are going to tell me you are from Microsoft'. The phone has remained silent ever since.

Andrew started back to school today, for one lesson. It seems that he doesn't do a full day anymore with the maximum amount of lessons being three in any one day. This is to prepare him for uni and all the self study he'll be doing but it means keeping track of him is going to be even more difficult from now on. At least when he was in school for the day, he was in school for the day now he'll be popping in and out like a yo-yo. And that means never having a full fridge, 'sigh'.

I was having a holiday from the Warfarin clinic this week as my INR is finally stabilising so did not have the opportunity to listen to Grace and her mates putting the world to rights. Although I am grateful for the break I sort of miss going, isn't that odd.

It is back to work tomorrow and a trip to the Occupational Health doctor. I am still struggling to get back to my full hours. I've sort of stopped at six hours a day, which is only three hours less than I normally do but at the end of the six I'm on my knees. I even go to bed when I come home, which I haven't done since I stopped teaching. It's as though my body is saying 'that's it, that is all I can do'. It is very frustrating because last time I'd been off for a long period of time it only took me a month to get back to normal. I don't understand why this is happening. Mentally I feel as though I'm giving up a bit. I'm quite good at willing myself to do things and have managed to force myself through a lot of stuff but at the moment I just can't be bothered. Some will say this is a good thing and it is about time I started to accept my limitations but when you know it just isn't you there is something wrong. It's back to hospital next week to see if they can try increasing the dose again, maybe this will be the answer, maybe not.