Friday, 9 September 2011

All I Can Do Is Keep Breathing

After another uncomfortable night I finally got to see my GP today who diagnosed yet another chest infection and prescribed yet more anti biotics. They may as well leave me on them permanently. My oxygen sats were only 83% at rest which is low for me so I rang the Brompton when I got home and they advised I use the oxygen as much as I needed until the infection has cleared. I'm normally only supposed to use it when moving around and for a couple of hours before bedtime to give me an overnight boost. The oxygen has been a God send, it has made such a difference and like most things I wish I'd agreed to have it installed a long time ago.

So it was another day in front of the TV. I wish I could say what I'd watched but I only managed about ten minutes and drifted off into a deep peaceful sleep. I finally woke up about three feeling incredibly thirsty. I felt much better, I don't know if it was the sleep, the pill or the oxygen but the feeling only lasted as long as it took me to stagger into the kitchen to make myself a drink. Ho hum, no instant cure here then.

Peter was out all day so I was on my own until Andrew came home from school, as luck would have it he had a full day today. Laurence arrived shortly after having spent the afternoon in the gym. He was moaning because for the last three days there has been a small but noisy demonstration by EDL members outside his place of work. They are expecting a considerably larger demo of several hundred tomorrow, thankfully Laurence is not working.

It was the start of the Rugby world cup today and Laurence is so convinced that Wales are going to win he's actually put a bet on. I managed to watch the opening match between Tonga and New Zealand before my doctor's appointment and was rewarded with a double haka. I absolutely love the haka so was delighted. Wales is playing Argentina on Sunday morning, I hope his faith is rewarded.

While at the GP's I booked this year's flu jab, usually I completely forget about this until it is almost too late but as I've had a bad year with infections decided it would be prudent to get it in early. I'm booked in for the first week in October. The one draw back is I have to be well to have it, not liking my chances.