Saturday, 17 September 2011

Well I Know I'm Wasting Time

After yesterday's excitement I spent today resting in front of the TV watching a selection of dodgy films that TV companies seem to think pass for Saturday afternoon entertainment. It was either that or football or, heaven forbid, racing. Films all the way, dodgy or not. I decided not to go to the carnival as I was far too tired and the weather couldn't decide what it was going to do.

My drugs actually got delivered but all was not as expected and I'm going to have to make another phone call on Monday to get them to send me more stuff. I'm getting a bit irritated now because we go through this every month. I use three pairs of gloves per day. One for changing my dressing and two pairs for the mixing and prep of the drug itself. So three pairs over say thirty days is ninety pairs, they regularly send me a box of fifty. I think part of the problem is that they insist on ringing to get my stock levels two weeks before they deliver. This would be fine but they seem to forget that in the two weeks between the phone call and the delivery my stock levels will continue to reduce as I'll still be using things. So on Monday I will have to explain all this to the dim girl on the other end of the line who will once again tell me she is making a note of it so I won't have the same problem next time, but she won't and I will.

Andrew has spent the day struggling with an essay, in the end he put it aside and went for a run. He did eventually finish it but not without a fair degree of moaning. I think his mind is on other things though with his bike test tomorrow. He's been out practising but is still very nervous. I'm sure he'll be fine though and if he isn't well there is always next time.

Laurence is working this weekend so I won't see much of him as he usually starts early and finshes late. Today, however, he finished early and rocked up with an ironing board and four garden chairs he'd picked up on the way home. He was also sporting an enormous bump on his forehead after he was assaulted at work. I was naturally horrified but he was quite pleased with himself and said he finally feels like he's part of the team

The day finished on a lovely note with a brilliant, beautiful rainbow spanning our back garden. Just before six it got really dark and started to rain quite heavily. By seven the sun came back out and this wonderful rainbow formed. It was really bright and clear and the best bit is that we could see both ends. Peter managed to get a picture but I was hooked up to my oxygen so by the time I'd unhooked that and gathered my pump up the rainbow was already beginning to fade.

We are going to have a film night today and I've been given the pick this time. I'm going for a comedy, well they do say laughter is the best medicine.