Sunday, 18 September 2011

On A Steel Horse I Ride

What a day, it had drama, stress and laughter.

It was the day of Andrew's practical one test for his motorcycle and he was obviously very nervous. He was up at seven and did the worse possible thing, went on the Internet to read up on tips on how not to fail. Unfortunately along with the tip were the horror stories with people claiming they failed on the stupidist of things and how even wearing the wrong colour of helmet was enough of a reason.

After lunch we drove with him to the test centre. He wasn't sure of the way and it was a chance for me to have another trip out in the car. Having delivered him we then left and made our way home for a nervous wait . So imagine our surprise when ten minutes later Andrew turned up. The examiner had a problem with his footware so sent him home to change saying if he could get back within half an hour he would still be tested. No pressure then. After he left, again, we settled down for another wait and prayed he'd get back in time. An hour and a half later he returned all smiles having passed. Thank heavens for that. Now we have to do it all again on Wednesday when he takes the final part. This is the most expensive part so if he fails that its seventy five pounds down the drain, so again no pressure.

I feel a little better again today and managed to cook and eat a little lunch. Hopefully that means recovery is very close now but who knows, it might just mean I'm having one of my 'good' days. Thoughts have turned to work and I'm hoping that I will be well enough by the end of this week to return. I'm not going to rush things though, if I'm still feeling rough by Thursday then it'll be back to the GP for another sick note. The days of pushing myself are well and truly over.

As I was feeling better I decided to have some crackers with a bit of pate for tea. This is a hazardous past time as Tarmac absolutely loves pate and will do more or less anything to get his paws on it. First we had the circling shark act accompanied by loud mewing. When that didn't work he tried the 'hopping on an empty chair and stretching my neck as far as I can towards the table' technique. Then there was the 'trying to swipe anything moving from plate to mouth out of the owners hands' technique before he used the last bullet in his armoury and sat looking doe eyed and patheticly hungry in front of Andrew. That one worked, it always does and he got his slice of pate then had a quick wash before setting off on his evening walk. Who teaches them this stuff?

Tomorrow promises more excitement with a trip to the GP to discuss my sickness problems and if I'm really lucky a quick push around Tesco. I do live a full on life.