Thursday, 15 September 2011

About The TV God And All The Pain That It Invokes

Improvement continues apace and I am constantly amazed at how much difference a good night's sleep makes. I finally got around to weighing myself this morning and was disappointed to find I'd lost all the weight I'd put on plus a bit more. The problem seems to be my inability to eat a proper meal, if I try I'm sick very soon afterwards. Liquids and small snacks are all I can stomach, it is all very strange.

As I was feeling better I got a trip out in the car this morning. Peter had to pick something up from Bedford so I went along for the ride. It was great to be out of the house, apart from the GP, I've been in since last Friday. On the way home Peter took me shopping, he'd brought my wheelchair and pushed me around Tesco so I could pick some bits and pieces I thought I could eat. I chose apples, riveta, yoghurt and of course the every present Complan. I really fancied it all at the time but by the time I got it home I only had eyes for the apples. Never mind it is all there for when I do feel like eating.

This afternoon I took on the challenge of re-tuning the TV. Although ours is a digital it is a few years old so is not that keen on doing it itself. As a result we have to do it manually and Peter did it last time with much swearing and grinding of teeth. Eager to do something useful I volunteered this time around, I mean how hard could it be? Going through the channel list I found to my delight that the majority of the channels were ok but there were about ten that needed to be sorted. Two hours later I was getting ready to throw the TV thought the window. Each channel had to be selected four or five times before any change was accepted. Now I know why Peter was talking about getting a new one after the last re-tune. In the end I got everything except two channels done then gave up before my blood pressure took off.

It's off to the Brompton tomorrow. I'm still in two minds whether to agree to an increase but I guess if that's what it is going to take in order to get back on my feet I'm just going to have to go with it and be prepared to swallow loads of anti sickness tablets for months on end. I suppose there is no use trying to second guess them and in my current state who knows what they will do. They are not going to be too impressed with me rocking up in wheelchair with an oxygen mask clamped to my face, that's for sure. Ah well let's see what tomorrow brings.