Monday, 1 August 2011

It's Too Darn Hot!

I know it's a bit strange to be happy over having a chest infection but I am. Went to the doctors this morning dreading being told it was an allergic reaction, as this would mean going back to the Brompton, and breathed a (wheezy) sigh of relief when he announced I needed antibiotics. A chest infection, while making me feel crap, is something I can deal with. Luckily the infection isn't very advanced so I should start to feel better very quickly, as early as Wednesday according to my GP, I really hope so, I'm fed up with feeling poorly.

OMG it is hot! 30c in my back garden this afternoon but overcast so muggy rather than pleasant. Supposed to be up to 32c tomorrow and then thunderstorms on Wednesday, nice. I used to be scared stiff of storms when I was younger but now I absolutely love them, especially at night when you can see the lightening clearer. Unfortunately every storm predicted so far this year has turn out to be a damp squib so here's hoping for a good one.

Laurence signed his first load of paper work for the house buy today and went to see his mortgage advisor. Everything is going fairly smoothly so far. He came home clutching four tefal, teflon coated saucepans he found in a charity shop for three pounds. At this rate there will be no space for him to sleep in his room for much longer, it already looks like a bring and buy sale. He went out on Saturday with some mates and came home so drunk he could hardly speak. Naturally he felt awful yesterday morning and begged me to make, and carry up to his room, a cup of tea. The incentive he gave me? 'Just think you won't be able to nurse your badly hung over little boy much longer.' Sons, they really do think we exist just for their convenience from time to time. He's on nights all this week so after tonight until Saturday we are all going to have to tip toe around during the day. I won't miss that either.

As none of us had eaten properly today I decided to make a quick pasta which we would take up the garden and eat on the decking. Don't you just know that the minute you plan something like this someone or something conspires to ruin it. In this case it was a neighbour who decided it would be a good idea on a scorching hot afternoon to light a bonfire. I don't mind bonfires myself  and there is something deliciously autuminal to smell a bonfire on a crisp afternoon/evening. However when said bonfire is extremely smokey and blowing all over the estate to the extent that at some points you can't see across the road, that is a different matter. Despite the heat I was forced to close all the windows as the effect it had on my breathing was horrendous. I was imagining the arrival of a couple of fire engines at any minute but within half an hour the smoke had thinned out enough for the windows to be opened and for us to enjoy a pleasant meal al fresco.

This evening Andrew is at karate and Laurence has gone to work so it's a chance to enjoy a quiet Pimms sitting on the patio in the cool of the evening, or it would be if I were not on antibiotics. So I will enjoy a long cold orange, pineapple and lemonade and pretend.