Saturday, 13 August 2011

Happy Anniversary

I've been married for twenty nine years today. I can't honestly say it has been blissful throughout, like all couple we have had our fair share of ups and downs, but we are still together and that is all that counts. As I was feeling better today we all went out for a pub lunch. Surprisingly for a Saturday we found a really quiet pub and settled down for what turned out to be a truly lovely meal. I stuck to something simple, soup and a jacket potato with cheese while the other three went to town. I didn't mind as for me being there and being well was more important.

Naturally I've been viewing the wedding album and can barely recognise the fresh face children looking back at me. Our wedding day was wonderful, the weather was perfect and we tied the knot in a church by the sea front and castle. The reception was held at a country hotel. By today's standards it was cheap and cheerful but for the early eighties it was quite posh. I can't believe how much people spend on their weddings these days. My wedding dress is still in the cupboard and I'm pleased to say I can still get into it.

The early years were a struggle as Peter was still a student and I worked as a library assistant but we were happy in our little flat by the sea front. After two years Peter completed his studies and got a job in London so it was a big move and a period of immense lowliness for me, shut up in a flat in a strange town with no job, no friends but all that changed after a couple of months when I found work in the jobcentre. Ironic huh?

Three kids, one degree, numerous cats and one house move later we are still happy and are each other's best friends. When we started out all those years ago we never envisaged that in our fifties I'd be ill and we'd facing one child moving out and another heading for university. I wonder what we will be like on our thirty ninth anniversary, looking after grand kids maybe? Who knows but it will be fun finding out.

Tonight will be spent sharing a bottle of wine and watching our favourite film, what more do we need?

In other news as previously mentioned I seem to be winning the battle with my stomach. although still not 100% I have not been sick and am only suffering bouts of nausea instead of the constant wobbles I was having yesterday. Still it is an improvemeny and for that we must be grateful. Tomorrow is my last day off before a four day stint at work so I'm hoping that my stomach and the weather will play ball because it my garden is beginning to resemble the Savannah.