Sunday, 21 August 2011

Catch 22

Well it's back, yes X Factor is back on British screens and will be the main topic of conversation in school playgrounds and work places for the next few months. I used to really enjoy it but the blatant fixing that went on in the last series has really put me off. I did watch the first act, a teenager whose only ambition in life is to sleep with as many women as possible. The minute those words were out of his mouth I hit the 'off' button. There are people I would love to spend a Saturday night with and he wasn't one of them. I much prefer Britain's Got Talent simply because instead of a parade of screeching wannabes you do sometimes find a gem amongst the dross, and the dross can be pretty entertaining too.

After my exploits yesterday I am shattered so today is definitely a sit on my bum day. I did do a pile of ironing this morning but that is all. I even had an afternoon nap. I'm in a 'don't know what to do with myself' mood. I'm too tired to go and potter in the garden but can't quite resign myself to spending all afternoon in front of the TV either. Especially when there is very little on. Oh hum, guess I'll just have to put my head down for another little nap.

Maybe because I was bored or maybe I just wanted to scare myself I decided foolishly to see how much it would be to put Andrew on my car insurance. The first hurdle in the process was to find out how much my car is actually worth because apparently insurance companies want to know this little fact and cannot be bothered to find out for themselves. Well after visiting several sites I'm still none the wiser having been quoted anything between £995 (we buy any car) to £2764 (trade black book prices uk). I decided to plump for the top end as I rather worry about not having enough insurance. Then I hit another problem that my insurance is not due until October so all the sites are refusing to quote me until nearer the date. Arrrgggghhhh! Why does getting a simple piece of information seem so long winded and complicated. All I want is an 'idea', I don't want to actually buy the bloody insurance this minute.

My breathing has deteriorated again overnight and I've had to e mail my nurse specialist. He said that if I couldn't cope on 1.1 he would up me to 1.2 this week, well hopefully that is what he will do and very soon. At the moment I feel as though I've got very bad asthma. Not so bad when sitting still watching the TV but I really feel it if doing anything active. I'm getting really fed up with it all, having to sacrific my breathing so I'm not vomiting all the time is not my idea of successful treatment. I was never that bothered about having a transplant but now I hope and pray I get one and soon because it is the only way I can see out of the see saw I've been trapped on. Ah well, I guess I'm just going to have to grit my teeth and get one with it. Tomorrow is another day.