Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Don't Talk To Me About Work

Well I survived my first day back at work virtually unscathed. I won't say I was totally relaxed about the whole thing and went armed with anti sickness tabs and pain killers but didn't need either. I did need to take my inhaler a couple of times though because the increased dose hasn't really kicked in yet. Hopefully I will start to feel the benefit tomorrow. I was asked once whether I really should have come back. The question was well meant but irritated me because I'm fed up with people assuming they know how I feel better than I do.

Laurence is in scavenger hunt mode and today has secured a coffee table to go with the three piece suite and dining table and chairs. So far he has got everything off freecycle or been given things, how lucky is he? I wish freecycle was around when we were setting up home, but lets face it the Internet was barely around when we were setting up home. It is just too easy these days. Tonight my car has been commandeered, being the only one with a roof rack, and he and Peter are off to collect the dining table and chairs and secure them in a friend's garage. I will be sitting at home watching Eastenders and relaxing as I am 'too fragile to be any help' and 'will take up room where a chair could fit'. I know my place. To be honest I'm happy to have my help turned down on this occasion as I need to rest before tomorrow's onslaught.

Andrew seems happier today and has done all his homework so can relax properly for the last two weeks of holiday. He is off to kung fu tonight, last night's karate obviously not enough for him.

My new Lush delivery arrived this morning and the box is currently smelling out the bedroom. I always order from the website as I find it has more choice than the local branch, which seems to stock six types of bath bombs and not a lot else. I am resisting opening the box until the end of my four day shift because all I'll want to do is relax in perfumed water and that will be a waste when I've got to gear myself up for work again the next day. Far better to wait until I can really, really relax.

Is anyone else getting just a little hacked off with this Libya thing? OK I know it is a significant event and a historic shift of power etc, etc but do we have to have wall to wall coverage? The choice seems to be between the near hysteria of the sky coverage and the boring plod of the BBC coverage. The whole thing sounds as though it is going the same was as Saddam in Iraq. There are two possible outcomes as far as I can tell. Either Gaddaffi will take his own life or he will be captured, tried and sentenced to death as Saddam was. The trouble is does anyone actually care? I know I've stopped watching the news and won't watch again until the whole thing is done and dusted. Unfortunately that is going to take sometime unless something  even more news worthy happens. Let's hope that it dies a natural death and isn't swept aside by some even worse tragedy.

Sudden panic in the collection of the dining table. The delivery of the three piece suite was delayed making Laurence late to pick up the table so Peter is going to have to go on his own. Peter is not thrilled but has to go or risk losing Laurence's furniture. Seems that even when they are moving out it still takes mum and dad to bail them out from time to time.