Wednesday, 3 August 2011

So Bring On The Rain And Bring On The Thunder

Wouldn't you know it! Just when you announce something has improved it comes right back at you and slaps you in the face. Yes last night the sickness erupted like Etna and I spent an unhappy couple of hours in the loo before the tablets kicked in and things started to get back to normal. It was my own fault though, with everything else that was going on yesterday I completely forgot to take my midday dose so by nine in the evening, an hour before my last dose of the day, I was reminded of this error in the most spectacular style. I will not be making that mistake again. Still it answered the question 'is it too soon to start cutting down on the anti sickness tabs?' Yes!

Dare I say that my infection seems to be getting better? Finding it much easier to breath and coughing a lot less so fingers crossed that something is going right.

We finally had our thunderstorm this afternoon, a whole ten minutes of it, then it cleared and the sun came out and, if possible, it was hotter than ever. By four o'clock my little weather station was saying that the humidity had risen to 85% with a temperature of 28c and I was once again prostrate in front of the fan. By five the sky was darkening and the atmosphere was heavy and everywhere was silent. Even the birds stopped singing. And so we waited for the next installment, and we waited, and we waited then the sun came out and the temprature continued to rise. With a little bit of luck we might get another tonight because at the moment it is like a sauna in my bedroom.

Tarmac was supposed to go to the vet today but had gone into hiding due to the storm and by the time I found him I'd missed his appointment. Another attempt will be made tomorrow.

Andrew made some muffins, still hasn't got the hang of 'subtle' when it comes to flavourings but he is getting better and at least they come out light and fluffy. He decided to go out biking this evening, I cannot conceive having the energy to do anything so physical in this heat but he was sensible and took his water back pack, covered himself in sun cream and wore glasses and his helmet. I am so pleased that neither of my boys have ever needed encouragement when it comes to exercise. Laurence is at the gym every day when not working, even calling in on his way home when working half days while Andrew bikes, runs and attends his karate classes.

Laurence slept through everything today, vaguely remembers a clap of thunder but nothing else. I am so relieved he is managing to get a good sleep in all this heat.  I did have to stop the window cleaner from doing his windows though, lucky I caught him before he put his ladders up.

Whenever we get a thunderstorm, no matter how short, we have a power cut or our Internet goes down or both. Today is was the Internet but only for around and hour. No doubt if we have a storm in the dark we will lose the electiricity, always the way. So if I don't post tomorrow you'll know that I got my wish and it knocked out the whole village.