Thursday, 11 August 2011

How Sweet To Be An Idiot.

Three reports caught my eye on the news yesterday.

The first was a video of police in full riot gear laying in to three looters. This video has enraged some parts of the community who are complaining that they were too heavy handed. Well sorry if this offends but I don't think they went far enough. What really makes me angry is that there is now an investigation into these officers actions and no doubt we will soon be hearing that the officers concerned will be disciplined for what they have done. It is no wonder then that the police were seen hanging back and not doing anything during the first couple of nights rioting. They were scared, not of the thugs but of their bosses and the human rights brigade. They know that if they did fight fire with fire they would probably end up being suspended from their jobs or worse end up with a criminal record and no job. Of course the police should in normal situations act with restraint but these are not normal times and if a bit of thuggery is what it takes to remove the louts from our streets then so be it. I do hope that Cameron and his parliamentary cronies grow spines and remove the wishy washy liberal chains that have tied up our police forces and let the authorities get control back without fear of being prosecuted for doing their jobs.

The second report was an interview with a lout who was busy mouthing off about the Polish taking all the jobs. The thug was barely articulate with every other word being a profanity. When the reporter pointed out that he was destroying his own changes of getting a job by targeting local businesses  this idiots muttered something unintelligible and walked away. I would just love to know how many jobs he has actually applied for, my betting is none. I'm also willing to bet that judging by the obvious lack of intelligence the only job he is capable of doing would be beneath his dignity. What many of these people do not realise is that it is their refusal to do jobs such a cleaning, building or collecting rubbish that has lead to firms being forced to employ foreign workers. I have been without a 'good' job on a couple of occasions during my working life but rather than draw benefits I cleaned the local pub because I was brought up to believe being on benefits was the very last resort not a way life.

The third and possible the most shocking was what I can only describe as a 'slummy mummy' berating some poor man who had pointed out that being bored and not having a job was no excuse. Before he made the comment, he probably almost instantly wished he hadn't, this woman was giving a reporter the benefit of her wisdom and explaining that 'the kids around here have nothing'. How the reporter managed to control himself enough not to shoot back 'well they have even less now' I don't know. In front of her kids, well I'm assuming the mouthy one was hers, she argued 'was it right that someone was shot in London for nothing?' Obviously not one for getting her facts right, he was waving a gun around and at the time was suspected of shooting at a police officer. She then repeatedly asked the man who had intervened if he had kids. In her mind the only people entitled to an opinion were those that did. Nowhere during the interview did she utter one word of condemnation. It is easy to see where the kids get their attitudes with parents like this.

On the plus side of yesterday's news I couldn't help but admire the man whose son had been run over and killed protecting his business. He repeatedly asked for calm and pleaded that there be no revenge attacks. He was dignified, intelligent and had better English skills that either of the other two home grown morons I've mentioned previously. At damming indictment of our educational, social and moral compasses if ever I saw one.

In other news it rained, damn and blast it, so my chance to potter in the garden was trashed yet again. So the choice I had was ironing or a DVD afternoon, a tricky one. I wanted to get the ironing out of the way because if it is nice on any of my other days off I'd then free to do the gardening, decisions, decisions. In the end I did half the ironing, the important things like Laurence's uniform, and put things like pillow cases and tee shirts back in the airing cupboard for the next rainy day, probably tomorrow.

I'm on my second day with reduced anti sickness treatment and so far so good. It is our 29th wedding anniversary on Saturday and we did think about going out for a meal but Peter has urged caution and we will be going out next week instead, just to be on the safe side. The restaurant we've booked is rather expensive so we'd rather I feel well enough to enjoy it properly, and keep the food down.

I have gained weight over the last few weeks and am now four pounds, or two kilos, heavier. I am still way below my target weight but at least I am finally moving in the right direction. I am eating a lot more but still cannot handle big meals preferring to snack. The trouble is I'm snacking on crap. Crisps, chocolate, sweets, ice cream are all being hovered up. John, my brother, reckons you crave certain foods because your body needs the minerals and vitamins they contain. Obviously my body is craving sugar and fat, I do still eat lots of fruit but given the choice of a punnet of strawberries or a packet of Monster Munch the strawberries lose every time. Hopefully my body will sort itself out in the end and before I start to resemble an elephant.