Saturday, 20 August 2011

Gonna Make This Garden Grow

Feeling very tired today, a situation not helped by my mad cat. At two this morning I was woken up by Smirnoff meowing very loudly by the side of the bed. Fearing this heralded a 'present' I got out of bed and turned the landing light on so I could see the bedroom floor without waking Pete. Meanwhile Smirnoff continued his mad caterwauling so I searched all up and down the stairs but found nothing then the cat abruptly stopped and stalked off. No idea what that was all about and still don't, if he tries it again tonight he'll find himself outside pretty damned quick. I did finally get back to sleep but it was already getting light when I did.

So a sleepy start but after a strong cuppa and a read of the paper I didn't feel to bad. After yesterday I treated myself to a bath bomb and settled back for a quiet half hour with my book. Scuppered again, this time by a neighbour playing Frank Sinatra very loudly in the back garden. After trying to ignore 'I left my heart in San Francisco' I finally gave up when we reached 'Chicago' and got out.

Nevertheless feeling more awake, fragrant and energised I decided to take advantage of the nice weather and finally get out into the garden for a bit of weeding. First stop were the brambles where I got another couple of dozen berries that were not quite ripe yesterday. Then fortified by a couple of fresh fun I sat on a box and spent a pleasant couple of hours pulling and trimming. The garden did look much better afterwards but still needs a few more hours on it but at least I have cleared a couple of spaces from my winter bulbs. They will be planted next month. The weather didn't last and although I would have liked to continue after lunch my back and the rain had other ideas. Of course within an hour of me putting everything away the sun came back out by which time I couldn't be bothered. Still little and often might be the safest way so I am all set for another go tomorrow, weather permitting.

I have noticed the downturn in my breathing I was warned about and although expected it is disappointing. I have to stay at this level for a week before they will increase things from 1.1 to 1.2 so I'm going to have put up with it for a few more days and then hopefully a slight but noticable improvement.

As Andrew's girlfriend is leaving for Bulgeria tomorrow he has asked if she can sleep over with us, innocently I should add, tonight. Andrew is always going to sleep overs and has never asked me if he can have friends to stay. I think he might worry about my health, which he shouldn't do. Of course I have said yes. He will sleep on the settee and she will have his room.

Spent the afternoon in fromt of the TV watching series one of Horrible Histories on DVD. In a moment of extreme boredom when I was in hospital I watched one episode of series three and was instantly hooked. Although designed for kids there is a lot for adults in it and I think it is an excellent way of teaching. I have bought series one and two and as soon as they are released will be getting three and four. If you get the chance I would thoroughly recommend you catch an episode, they are brilliant.

Well got to go and run a quick duster around the living room before Andrew's guest arrives (I'm leaving him to sort out his room), then off to make another cake. Chocolate fudge this time I think.