Saturday, 27 August 2011

Hippo Bird Day Two Ewes

Today is Laurence's birthday, he is twenty three, do I feel old! I've been remembering the circumstance of his birth hour by hour and it is weird to think that at 10.45 I was still not a mum with no idea that by the evening I would be. Laurence was born by emergency C section at 13.15, six weeks early weighing in at five pounds  eleven ounces. If you saw him now you would never believe he was ever that tiny. To celebrate we are off to our favourite Italian restaurant Graziano's for a meal this evening. I was to ill to go out for our anniversary meal so it is going to be a combined celebration.

Laurence is a happy bunny today as yesterday he signed the contract and the deeds for his house sale. The sellers have also thrown in the washing machine and fridge freezer for thirty pounds a piece which Laurence is delighted with. We are going to see the house again next week so we can measure up for curtains. There are so many little things he hasn't even thought of buying such as towels, bedding etc. We will give/lend as much as we can to help him out until he can afford his own.

Yes! At last four small, red and beautifully sweet tomatoes have been picked and consumed with gusto. And I can tell you it was really worth the wait. I will be checking daily in the hope of finding some more. Loads more blackberries have appeared and if it ever stops raining I'll be out to collect them for the freezer. I want to plant my winter bulbs and re-varnish the garden furniture before the winter really gets going but looking at the forecast I don't think I'm going to have many opportunities, not this weekend at least.

Went to Milton Keynes shopping center today, big mistake on a bank holiday, yes I do live under a rock and had completely forgotten. We arrived late in the afternoon so it wasn't as bad as it could be. I was unable to hire a scooter so had to stumble round from bench to bench but that was OK. It gave me chance to people watch, which I love doing. We bought Laurence's birthday present, four large bath sheets and a twelve piece stoneware crockery set. Yet more of the small items he has forgotten about. I finally got myself some Complan. My theory is that if I start getting the right minerals and vitamins I not getting at the moment then I will start to feel better which in turn means I will be able to start eating properly again. Whether I'm right or not time will tell.

Sent an e-mail to the hospital as I'm still not well on this drug. Although I have mostly stopped vomiting I constantly nauseous and my breathing though better is not good. I am alarmed at how much I have deteriorated since March, surely it is not supposed to happen this fast?

It has been another horrendous day weather wise. The rain has been exceptionally heavy with some thunder and lightening thrown in. A typical August bank holiday. Here's hoping for an improvement tomorrow.