Monday, 22 August 2011

The Way Things Work Themselves Out

Well it has been another busy day for the Roberts household.

First up was a phone call from my nurse specialist in response to my plea to increase my dose slightly to aid my breathing. He was in full agreement that this should happen and as it was to a level I had already beeen at with no problems decided to let me do this myself. He talked me through the process, which was not a complicated as I'd imagined, and now I'm on 1.2 so should feel an improvement in the next 24 - 48 hours. Apparently he was going to show me how to do this at our next appointment as if I had a bad reaction again I can decrease my dose without having to go all the way into London to do it. All other increases will still take place at the hospital so I can be monitored for an hour or so to check everything is ok.

Peter went out to spend a day at an organisation he's applied to work for. He has decided that he is fed up of working from home and wants to be out and about again mixing with other people, which is fair enough. He saw this job adverstised and thought he'd give it a shot. He was very surprised but delighted to be given an interview and an invite to go and see what the job entails. So now it is all fingers crossed that he is successful. It will be a load off my mind if he does get it. My illness has made us both a little bit insular. I was getting worried that Peter had abandoned everything just to look after me. Getting out of the home will mean he has something else to think about and will stop PH becoming the only thing we ever talk about. I know working has made it so much easier for me to cope with being ill and I'm hoping it will be the same for him.

Laurence was home after a rather frought weekend at work. He went to see a dining table and chairs he found on free cycle and is delighted with them so has earmarked them. He is picking up a three piece suite tomorrow. Thankfully he has a friend with an empty garage willing to store all this stuff until his house is ready. The latest update from the estate agent has hinted that he may not have to wait as long as he thought. The Halifax has now confirmed his mortgage after recieving the letter from Laurence's HR department regarding his salary. As far as the chain is concerned the seller is exchanging contracts on the house they are buying in about two - three weeks so Laurence could be in his own home within a month. Scary! I have just found out that my car has just been volunteered to pick up the dining table as I'm the only one with a roof rack, even more scary!

Andrew has been moping around today missing his girlfriend. To take his mind off things he has thrown himself into the homework he's been putting off all summer. I shouldn't complain because at least he is doing it but I wish he'd just do it in the first week rather than have it hanging over him for the whole summer. This evening he's gone to his karate club so hopefully he'll work some of his angst out there and be a little sunnier tomorrow.

The weather has been lovely, perfect for my last day off before going back to work. I spent a pleasant couple of hours with my ipod and a good book on the decking. Perfect! I feel refreshed, calm and ready to get back in to it. Just hope my breathing has improved by then and if so, life will be very good indeed.