Friday, 19 August 2011

Good Day Sunshine

Today has been a good day. The sun is shining, I'm feeling better and all is right with the world.

Woke up this morning feeling hungry so started the day with a large bowl of Cheerios and about an hour later had a packet of Monster Munch. Having made a cup of tea I took it out into the garden and noticed that the brambles at the bottom of the garden were covered in fruit, most of it ripe. So I grabbed a bowl from the kitchen and picked as many berries as I could. These have now been washed and are nestling in my freezer ready for the apple and blackberry crumbles we love so much during the winter months. I will be out in a couple of days to get the rest.

At midday it was off out for lunch and a trip to Costco. To save time we decided to eat at the shop and I ordered their cheese salad. It was lovely and so much of it, I waddled around afterwards feeling completely stuffed and avoiding the free samples. Well all except the pie sample, I adore pie, sweet or savoury. Today it was chicken and veg and was scummy. We did a huge shop, mainly because we had run out of everything since I'd been ill and this is the first time I felt up to doing more than a quick dash and grab. I am now comfortable that we won't run out of kitchen towel, loo paper or baked beans for a good few months. I swear the boot groaned as Peter loaded up. Oh I forgot to mention our near road rage incident in the car park. When we first arrived all the disabled bays had been taken so we went around again and saw two people getting into their car after loading up. Peter pulled up and waited, indicator going to signal our intention to take the space when around the corner came an elderly couple in some Nissan thing obviously intent on nicking our space. Anyway the person reversing out of the space saw what was about to happen and neatly blocked the Nissan off so we could nip behind them and take the space we'd been waiting for. The looks we got were unbelieveable. I think this man would have risked an accident for that space. He drove off in such a huff. I hate people who try and nick other people's spaces. If I see a car indicating they are taking a space about to become vacant I drive on, that is the polite thing to do. Others had seen us indicating and had driven on so what was wrong with these two? The fact that this pair were so much older than us made it even more shocking as you expect the older the generation the more manners they have.

Back home we unpacked and put away and then another cuppa and another trip up the garden. this time the plum tree caught my eye. It, like the bramble was dripping with ripe fruit. I picked a couple sat down on the decking and enjoyed the lovely, juicy sweet/sour taste. For twenty minutes sitting there munching on plums with a cuppa to swill them down and Smirnoff for company life was truly blissful. Then it was back to reality. What was I going to do with all this stuff. Do plums freeze? I'll have to find out otherwise it is going to have to be my first attempt at jam and very soon.

It was drug delivery day and this time everything was there and in the correct amount. Hopefully I'll now have a month without any major panics.

Andrew's girlfriend was over today. She and her family used to live here but they now live in Bulgeria and come over to England two or three times a year to visit friends. She has been here since Monday and is going back tomorrow. I decided to make some cakes to make tea a bit more of an event and made a vanilla sponge and some mixed spice and sultana rock cakes. Both turned out pretty well and were wolfed down so I think she like them. She's such a nice girl, I just wish she lived closer for Andrew's sake. Andrew is hoping to go over to see her during the October half term.

My appetite has ruturned and I'm hoovering up anything I can get my teeth into. It is wonderflu to have control of my stomach again. Hopefully I will start to put that much needed weight back on now, just in time for them to increase my dose and then around we will go again. Still I'm going to enjoy it will I can, now I wonder if there is any cake left?