Thursday, 25 August 2011

Gypsies, Tramps And Thieves

I am feeling slightly better today. The pain in my chest is still there and I'm still coughing BUT I feel less congested so fingers crossed things might be settling down at last. The chat around the supper table yesterday was how to get me to put weight on. My boys seem to have decided to take charge of this aspect of my care. Andrew is apparently going to take me on a tour of all the most unhealthy fast food restaurants and I'm banned from ordering anything remotely resembling salad. Laurence has obviously been thinking about this problem for some time and came up with a far more practical solution. Being a gym bunny he is into protein shakes etc and has done some research and come up with ....Complan. My grandmother used to drink this when she felt a bit run down and swore by it. As nothing else seems to be working I have agreed to give it a go and have requested chocolate flavour.

Andrew has spent today filling in his UCAS forms for applying for a university place. It seems much more complicated than my day but he seems to know what he is doing. He has listed four preferences for university, three in London, one in Hertfordshire and one in Staffordshire. He was going to only put two choices down but thankfully took my advice to apply for as many as possible to improve his chances. He has been a busy boy because he has also booked his bike theory test. He does virtually nothing all holiday then in the space of twenty four hours he's got his whole life sorted. No wonder I getting grey hair.

Peter had more excitement than he could handle today when the cat was sick all over our bed. By the time I got home he'd put the sheets through the washing machine and steam cleaned the mattress and the duvet.  Don't you just love animals. The cat seems perky enough this evening but I will be keeping an eye on him and if he is off his food or is sick again it will be a trip to the vet.

Last day tomorrow then four days off, lovely.