Monday, 29 August 2011

Suspicious Minds

I am about to have a rant.

It appears that fire and police officers have been banned from the ten year remembrance service at ground zero because there is no room for them. WTF! If anyone should have prime spot at the ceremony, apart from the relatives of course, it is these brave men and women who turned up on that terrible day, many on their day off, to help. And lets not forget they lost friends and colleagues too. What a disgrace! No doubt all the spaces have been taken by politicians seeking re-election and who were probably not even in office at the time of the event. And of course there will be a good number of celebrities who want to increase their popularity by showing everyone how much they 'care'. And what's with the 'no room' bit? Ground zero is huge, you could fit half the population of Manhattan in it. In my opinion this needs a serious re think and whoever made the decision to exclude those that were just doing their jobs should be sacked. If Bush (who ran away and hid) is there when the people who put their own lives on the line to help others are not then it will be a more damaging day for America than the actual event itself. Now here's a thought, if those celebs and politicians really cared they would be contacting the organisers and say 'give my ticket to someone who really deserves it', fat chance.

Saw something extremely odd on my travels today. Went to Staples in Milton Keynes so Andrew could pick up some bits and pieces for the new school year. He and Peter went into the shop while I stayed outside in the car. My attention was soon drawn to a young black guy wandering back and forth in front of the shop. As I watched he walked along the row of cars looking into each one then he walked around the side of the building and did the same to the two rows of cars parked there. By now I'd got my mobile out and my finger on the nine button just in case he started trying doors.  However he must have known he was being watched because he came back to the front of the shop and sat on a bench. He was wearing a white fleecy hoodie which he pulled as far forward on his face as possible, which was odd for a warmish August afternoon and bright turqouise basketball shoes. It was very odd and I sort of wish I'd phoned the police anyway but I couldn't prove he was doing anything other than stretching his legs.

Other than that it has been a quiet day. I fancied a curry so made a Biriyani but by the time I got it on the table I couldn't face it. I just seem to have lost all interest in food. I'm getting quite worried about it to be honest but don't know what to do about it. I've tried forcing myself to eat but only succeed in making myself feel sick. I'm drinking plenty so at least I am getting something in my stomach. Maybe the answer is to stick with  liquid foods for a while so tomorrow I'm going to have just soup and see how I get on.

Tomorrow is Warfarin clinic day whoop de doo, but at least it gets me out of the house I suppose. Tomorrow is also the big meeting about the new shift patterns. I can't say I'm looking forward to it as in my experience if they have to have a big out of hours meeting about something it is never good news. Still I will reserve judgement until I hear what they have to say, maybe it won't be as bad as everyone thinks. To be honest whatever the outcome won't really bother me as much as some because I am already considering my position and whether I should still be working. This news might be just the thing to push me one way or another. If the new patterns are difficult for me than I'll just have to walk away. What I can't afford to do is get stressed about it.