Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Autumn Leaves

Well what can I say except very disappointed. We are all very shocked, especially at the issuing of 'at risk' notices. They were not expected at all. We have been given options though and after the initial panic some of them do not seem to be too bad. Obviously I am talking from a purely personal view point. I know some of my colleagues are deeply upset and don't know how they are going to work the new hours around their family commitments. I'm lucky up to a point where all I have to worry about is myself. Most of what has been proposed I've had to rule out because of my health, there is no way I can work overnight for instance. However as I was already considering leaving because of finding it hard to work the hours I do now, the opportunity to do shorter shifts may work to my advantage and allow me to continue working a little longer.

Onto more pleasant things, sort of.

My sons were buzzing with news when I got home. They had witnessed three people trying to steal stuff from a skip across the road. My neighbour, who is in his sixtys and has already had one heart attack, went out to remonstrate with them. Fearing things might get out of hand Laurence, who was still in uniform having just arrived home, went out to make sure my neighbour did not get attacked. Apparently one look at Laurence and the skip was forgotten and all three took off quite quickly. Not surprised, he's a big boy is my son and very impressive in full uniform.

Andrew has been out and about practising for his bike test which he is taking later this month. He seems pretty confident and is desperate to pass because it will mean a huge reduction in his insurance which is due in October.

Work was OK, I coped much better than I have over the last few weeks, I even managed to eat something and keep it all down. Maybe at last things are on the up but I've been here before so will not be convinced for a while yet.

Went up the garden to check on my tomatoes and was horrified to find them wilting. I don't know how with all the rain we've had recently. They are still full of fruit but it is still all green. It is looking increasingly likely that the four tomatoes I got off the plant earlier this week will be the only four. The garden had a distinctly autumn feel to it today. The leaves have started to fall off the trees and there was that distinctive smell that conjures up crisp November eveningss, and it isn't even September! Now I love autumn, it is possibly my favourite time of year but not yet, not this early.