Thursday, 4 August 2011

Toys In The Attic

Well got my wish and it is raining, sorry sun lovers. I knew there had been a change in the weather the moment I woke up because I wasn't gasping for air. I'd also had an uninterrupted night's sleep so it is little wonder that I'm feeling better today. It could be the meds, it could be the weather but is more likely to be a combination of both.

There is a big row brewing this morning over the sale of a doll that breast feeds. The majority of posters seem to think this is going too far and that little girls shouldn't be exposed to things like this. OK, I can, in some ways, see their argument but is it really any different to those dolls already on the market with obvious differences between male and female organs or those that poo and pee? Even I remember my Tiny Tears doll which cried and wet it's nappy after having a bottle of water squeezed, at some speed it has to be said, into the little 'o' that passed as a mouth. My mother hated it, not because of any dislike for natural functions but because I and everything around me was permanently damp. It wasn't long before I 'lost' the feeding bottle and subsequently lost interest in the doll. It was inevitable that manufacturers would sooner or later go up a level and produce a breast feeding Barbie. I expect they have been spurred on by the breast feeding fascists that seem to appear these days before the test is even dry. And before anyone asks yes I did breast feed my two so don't have a problem with it, I just have a problem with those who think it is their right to guilt trip everyone to their way of thinking. I fully expect this group to be delighted with the move and see it as some sort of educational tool for the under fives.However the way this doll works will only serve to add more confusion as instead of breasts this doll has some sort of bib with nipples, what on earth were they thinking? Which muppet thought this one up and have they ever seen anyone breast feeding? In the end this doll will only succeed if there are enough idiotic parents out there who think it is ok for their youngsters to learn about breast feeding in this way. However a word of warning to anyone thinking of going down this route. When I was six I asked my mother how babies were born she told me they came out of your bottom. I spent years trying to work out how you knew it was a baby coming out and not something else. Honesty with your children really is the best policy, always.

Taking advantage of the cooler weather and improvement in health I decided to venture out this afternoon and promptly missed my footing, landing heavily on my hip. I am fine but will have yet another bruise to add to the collection. Arrived at the shops feeling a little tender but managed to make my way around wuithout the use of a wheelchair so felt really pleased with myself. I bought an enormous bag of liqourice, one of the few sweets I know will not be nicked and a box of ice lollies to help with a very dry mouth. I don't know why I've developed this, I suspect it is another thing related to the drug increase or my infection. I have had it before on and off and always found ice to be the answer, so why not have a bit of flavour with it.

Andrew went out for a bike ride and came back soaked, not from the rain but because the pipe of his water bag became detached and the bag had emptied itself down his back. He was not happy.

Laurence is still managing to sleep the day away. This time through a faulty car alarm and the next door neighbours but one having cavity wall insulation installed.  He was just the same as a baby, I could happily vacumn under his cot and he wouldn't move.

Tomorrow is supposed to be dry and sunny but cool, excellent news, something to please everyone at last.