Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Anarchy In The UK

OK so I was wrong, it is spreading like the plague. So many cities and towns have had or are preparing for trouble including those in my own county. I watch each new report with a sense of disbelief, horror and sadness. How has it come to this? The original 'riot' was because some low life gangster pulled a gun on police and got shot for his troubles. And of course, rent a mob decided that this was a perfect excuss to do a little looting. Well boo hoo my heart bleeds. I'm fed up with the bleeding heart namby pamby liberals who are busy telling me that these people are angry, misunderstood or just bored. Well I get angry, I'm sometimes misunderstood and am often bored but I don't got round setting fire to things or nicking stuff.

The problem is that there is no real punishment anymore. There have been over five hundred people arrested since Saturday night but how many have been bailed and released only to join in with the next night's rioting? More than anyone would like to admit probably. All police leave has been cancelled, special constables have been called in and there will be around sixteen thousand police officers on duty tonight. However no matter how many there are unless they are allowed to act they will be as ineffectual as sixteen. Human rights has emasculated our police forces to such an extent that they more or less have to police with their hands tied behind their backs. If, for once, the police were allowed to act and use water cannon, or rubber bullets, or lock everyone caught up for at least six months then maybe these scumbags would think twice about going out tonight.

Our Prime Minister has seen fit to cut short his holiday to come back and 'deal' with the situation so naturally we were expecting something effective and dramatic. Once again we were to be disappointed. Mr Cameron, after several hours of discussion, came to the conclusion that the best way to tackle the mayhem is to recall parliment on Thursday so that they can debate the situation. So in other words the only action our leaders are going to take is to talk about it. Fat lot of good that is going to do. That is going to help the people who are going to lose their homes, businesses and possible lives tonight isn't it. Hopeless!

I work for the police and am so proud of the men and women who are my colleagues. They are constantly abused in one way or another and have to go about their business with little or no support from the general public for whom nothing they do is ever good enough. Today we were kept busy trying to reassure worried people and console those who had already fallen victims of these disturbances. If we were not doing that then we were building up information on what could possible happen in the coming days, most of it is rumour and conjecture but if only half of what we have been told takes place it will be a disaster. Inbetween all this mayhem we were still expected to attend the day to day incidents such as road traffic collisions, sudden deaths and missing children. The thin blue line has alway been stretched and no more so than at present when so many officers are losing their jobs. It is also times like this that will show our leaders what fools they are to take away the forces ability to work effectively. Let's hope that if any good come out of this it is the reversal of one of the worst decisions of the century.

If I was in charge all officers would be issued with machine guns and instructed to fire at will. Some will say that this attitude is decending to their level but sometimes you have to fight fire with fire and if this is the only language these people understand so be it.