Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Candle In The Wind.

Last night was so cold. I ended up getting out of bed and putting on my winter jimjams. Personally I think the 31st of August is a bit soon to be putting the winter weight duvet back on the bed so resisted that but I don't want to spend another night shivering so it is out of it's box and on standby on the rocking chair. It was announced today that it is officially the coldest summer for fourteen years. Well I didn't really need to be told that. Apart from one or two hot spots my summer wardrobe has remained in the wardrobe. I think we can expect a long, hard, cold winter, I'm sure we won't be disappointed.

Today is the fourteenth anniversary of Princess Diana's death and how quickly the world forgets. I am no Diana fan but I did expect a little mention in the paper this morning but not a dicky bird. Now this could be because fourteen years is not a notable number or it could be because the media is totally obsessed with Lybia at the moment. However it is my personal opinion that this is the natural way of things. You cannot feel the same shock, distress or sorrow after such a long period. Time dulls those feelings because if it didn't we'd all be constantly paralysed with grief and unable to function which would endanger our survival. The media will probably try to re-awaken those feelings on the twentieth anniversary, but personally I'm hoping that they will now allow Diana to slip gently into history where she belongs.

As I sit here writing I can hear the frantic tapping of my neighbour as he once again tries to 'fix' his patio. Several years ago he had his flagstone patio pulled up and replaced by a crazy paving one. It looked really good until we had our first heavy rain then it was all hands to the pump as the water rose rapidly threatening to flood his kitchen. Where the flagstones had gaps providing plenty of drainage the crazy paving has no gaps and no means of drainage. Ever since he has been out there at every opportunity chipping away trying to insert some drainage holes, unfortunately he doesn't seem to be succeeding hence the renewed vigor with which he's attacking the stuff at the moment.

Had a phone call from the Brompton in response to my latest e-mail. They are quite worried about how things are and I wouldn't be at all surprised if I'm not called in again soon. On the plus side the oxygen I was prescribed two months ago is finally being installed at the end of this week. I am having one static cylinder at home and then several portable cylinders as I need oxygen most when moving around. It means I can take it into work to help me moving around the workplace without having to resort to a wheelchair.

The Warfarin clinic was so busy today. I couldn't even find a seat when I first arrived and had to prop myself up against the wall. This meant I was unable to eavesdrop on my favourite OAP's so the wait was long and very boring. I couldn't help observing that if the staff had spent more time taking blood and less time standing around complaining to each other about how busy it was things would have moved quicker. In the end I waited fifty minutes for a test that takes two mintues to perform. It was then off to Tesco where I searched the shelves for things I might fancy eating. In the end I came away with two large pots of Onken yoghurts, a large bag of monster munch, cherries, apples and another box of Complan, banana flavour. A strange combination admittedly but if I can eat something it is a step in the right direction.

Well I have to get ready for this meeting, I really don't want to go. Not because I'm worried about what I'm going to hear but the fact I'm having to give up a free evening to do it. Bad news should be delivered on their time not mine.