Sunday, 7 August 2011

I Predict A Riot

I am typing this bit of my blog at three o'clock in the morning. As usual I am unable to sleep before my first day back at work. At the moment I am not even tired and rather than risk waking Peter with my constant wriggling I've come downstairs and made myself a cuppa. I'm not particularly worried as I've always been like this and know that tomorrow night I will go out like a light. I've been watching the horrible events unfold in Tottenham on Sky News with the sound off. I don't need to have some 'expert' wittering away to see what is happening. I don't understand why people do this sort of thing. Can't they see they are damaging their own community? Don't they realise it will be paid for by their council taxes going up next year? I'm willing to bet that if they do realise these things they just don't care because it has all the hallmarks of rent-a-mob and most of the rioters don't live there anyway. Oh hum, I've just yawned so it's time to hit the hay and hope that this time I get some snoozing done.

Oh it was so hard to get up this morning, yes I know, my own fault but after a shower I felt much better and settled down to breakfast whilst catching up on the news. The damage is unbelievable and is is a wonder no one was killed. These people are morons. As is always the case the police cannot do right for doing wrong. They have been accused of not being prepared, not having enough officers on duty and not controlling the mob. Excuse me but last time there was a riot, the so called 'student' protests, they were condemned for controlling the mob and being too 'heavy handed', no doubt by the same people complaining today that they didn't round people up and arrest them. As for not being prepared, they were prepared for a small local, peaceful protest arranged by the local people, how can anyone be prepared for the numbers that arrived from outside the area to do a little robbing and burning? I really don't understand this country sometimes, maybe if those moaning checked where their children were from time to time there wouldn't be so much trouble. It is shocking to find out that ten year olds were amongst those looting and throwing stones at police. How can a ten year old be wandering the streets at eleven thirty at night on their own?

Work was ok, thankfully being a Sunday it was quiet so I was able to ease myself back in. Even so I found the going tougher today than I expected. The first four hours were fine but the last two I really struggled. Driving home I was all but falling asleep. After a quick snack I settled on the settee intending to catch up with the news only to wake up two hours later by Tarmac trying to get comfortable on my lap. I just hope I can sleep tonight now.

It is Laurence's last night duty and he is looking forward to a few days off. He finds the last few nights very hard as the tiredness takes over. No doubt by Wednesday he will be back at the gym and running around sorting stuff out for his house, sometimes I envy the recovery powers of the young.

Out of the blue we had some sort of squall around five this afternoon. The sky went black and a ferocious wind got up blowing the sliver birch almost horizontal then a huge clap of thunder and the rain came down in buckets. Both cats scrabbled for cover under the coffee table for once united in their desire to hide. Then ten minutes later it was all over. I did a quick tour of the garden to check for damage and found one of my tomato plants had been snapped in half. The weight of the tomatoes coupled with the strong wind was obviously too much for it. I still have loads of tomatoes left but it is a sad blow.

An early bedtime tonight with a cup of hot chocolate and cinnamon, with a little bit of luck tomorrow will not be so hard.