Monday, 8 August 2011

Nothing Comes Easy

Why is it so hard to work at the moment, it never used to be. I used to be able to manage a ten hour shift like a breeze but at the moment six hours and I'm shattered. Well not even six hours, by four I was yawning fit to bust and would have done anything for a ten minute nap. What is going on? I'm supposed to be more energetic not less. Maybe it is because I've had a rough time of it, maybe it is going to take a long time, maybe I'll never be as well as I was, nooooo! I've been told that if I need extra breaks to take them but I know if I went to sit down I'd be snoring in no time and what sort of impression would that give? The sleeping that is, not the snoring. I've read the leaflet inside my anti sickness tablets because I know that some can cause drowsiness but sadly this isn't one of them. 'Will not cause sleepiness or impair ability to drive or operate machinery', it says, so there goes that excuse. I am due to start coming off them on Wednesday so I wonder if my energy levels will pick up then. If I do then I'll know the cause despite what it says on the packet. I did have a better night last night though, no blogging in the wee small hours, and did manage to stay conscious on arrival home so maybe I'm not quite as bad as I was yesterday.

As predicted there has been a spate of copy cat 'riots', or looting to give it its proper title, following the unrest in Tottenham. If these people put as much energy into finding and keeping a job as they do causing trouble the country would be a much nicer place. Unfortunately most of them share a brain cell so haven't thought of that. My newspaper had an outraged headline that one of the leading officers of the met had flown out of the country on holiday only 'hours' before the trouble started. So are policemen supposed to be psychic now? And if he could predict what was about to happen would his staying at home made a blind bit of difference? No of course not. There has also been much criticism about our political leaders also being away on holiday. As most of the time the general opinion is that the country runs better when they are not around, why the problem with them being away now? As I said yesterday some people are never happy. There are rumours that these 'riots' are spreading further north and will hit most of our major northern cities by the end of the week, what do they think this is the plague? I despair at the idiocy of my fellow man sometimes.

Laurence is grumpy. He has been awake now for twenty six hours choosing to go cold turkey to get used to sleeping at night and being awake during the day again. By six this evening he could hardly put one foot in front of the other and by seven he gave in and sloped off to bed. He will probably be awake early tomorrow but at least he will be back on track.

Andrew is also grumpy because his karate club has been cancelled tonight. This often happens during the summer because people go on holiday.

Peter is in a good mood and has had a very happy day of tinkering on his car. What is it with men that even when something is working well they have to take it apart to try and make it work better? Do they like making extra work for themselves or something? He tells me what he is doing and why but frankly I rarely understand what it is he is doing.

I am grumpy because I'm in pain. I must have slept awkwardly last night and have twisted my shoulder. It is too hot to put a hot water bottle on it to relax the muscles so I'm going to have a soak in the bath later in the hope it will have the duel effect of easing the pain and sending me off to sleep. So tonight I have planned bath, hot chocolate and bed, hopefully all before ten, Here's hoping.