Sunday, 2 October 2011

Make Some Noise

What a night and I'm not talking along the lines of fantastic.

Went to be at eleven thirty and noticed a noisy party going on just up the road, by half twelve the party had descended into a loud argument which resulted in a large noisy contingent making their way up the road and away from our house. Then all went quiet. Bliss! Ten minutes later we were treated to loud bangs and crashes, it sounded like someone throwing sheets of metal around. By half one Peter had had enough and phoned the police who informed us they were already on their way. Several minutes later two police cars came hurtling up the road. The policemen got out of the cars and stood around listening then got back in their cars and took of a speed. Fifteen minutes later after some shouting it all went quiet again, bliss! The the alarms went off, a car and a house intermittently for about an hour, by three I was asleep.I feel like a zombie this morning. Andrew slept throught it all, his room is at the back of the house and Laurence went to work early so I have no idea what he thought of things. I have a feeling I will be in no doubt once he gets home.

While watching all this unfold I noticed a fat little hedgehog scuttling about on the law. I haven't seen our hedgehog for a few weeks so it was nice to see he was safe, well and thriving.

So all in all I've been like a wet rag all day. Part of me wants to sleep but the other half cannot relax so I keep drifting off then waking myself up. I've also been feeling queasy and I'm convinced it is the lack of sleep that is responsible. Peter has been out fixing the shed roof, I don't know how he finds the energy.

 It is weight check day and I've managed to lose more, how? I've been eating more than I was so it just doesn't make sense. The boys say it is because I am eating the wrong things, all healthy stuff and not much in the way of fat. Trouble is anything 'fatty' makes me feel sick. It is hard but maybe I should up my intake of Complan and see what happens.