Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Angels Watching Over Me With Smiles Upon Their Face

Great consternation at the Warfarin clinic today. It seems that once again the hospital is running things for it's own convenience rather than that of the patients. We were all issued with a letter saying the Tuesday afternoon clinics are being switched to the morning and we are to have fixed appointment times. Brilliant! So instead of turning up between say 8am and 11.30am each patient will be given a ten minute window to turn up in. So what happens if there is a road problem, or the car park is full and you cannot get a space? What if the clinic is a nusre or two down due to holidays or illness? Will you be turned away? This is supposedly to cut costs and waiting times. I bet, I can't see it working and a lot of people are very upset about it. I see rebellion ahead. Of course if the staff actually worked rather than spending half their time gossiping with the receptionist or away on tea breaks there wouldn't be any backlogs.

I could not get near my ladies again today as the clinic was packed out, what a shame I bet their comments would have been worth listening to, but I did get a seat so that was a blessing. I sat opposite another elderly lady who was rude enough to spend the entire time, until her name was called, staring at me. She spotted the line as soon as I sat down and blatantly stared trying to work out what it was. At one point she even lent right over to try and see where it was attached. I'm used to people looking by now and usually ignore it, which I did this time but it was really hard. I felt like lifting up my top and flashing her while saying 'there are you satisfied now?' The thing is if she'd actually asked about it I'd have been happy to explain what it was and what it was for. I don't know what she'd have done if I had the full kit on.

Yes today I was able to leave my oxygen in the car. I even made it around Tesco without oxygen or a wheelchair, I felt so proud of myself and so encouraged. I'm obviously better but oh have I lost weight. Even my smallest jeans keep slipping down without a belt and all my tee shirts hang off me. Now I was a busty girl so to have a tee shirt 'hang' is quite a feat. I still cannot manage a proper meal but what I do eat is staying down now. I guess I'll just have to keep picking and hope for the best but I am going to have to speak to the Brompton again about this as I'm now under seven stone and even for a short arse like me that isn't healthy. Peter reckons I'm not eating because I'm not doing anything, he could be right and my appetite might pick up once I'm back at work. In the meantime bring on the chocolate raisins, crisps and cheese.

I had a lovely surprise when I returned home from the clinic. Laurence had dusted and polished and tidied the house, my kitchen and living room sparkle. I am lucky to have such kind and thoughtful boys.

Andrew is still on countdown for his eighteenth on Thursday and is driving us all mad. 'This is the last time I ..... as a child' now follows every activity, goodness knows what he will be like tomorrow.