Thursday, 6 October 2011

Accidents Will Happen.


We talk about stress. First off was my flu jab, I hate these things and my GP has a unique was of increasing the tension. Everyone is called in at ten thirty and on arrival given a number, we then play flu jab bingo. You pray your number is an early one then you get less of the horror stories from people coming out. Being a village surgery everyone knows everyone and they are not above sharing gems such as 'threw it like a dart' with those still waiting. Thankfully I was number three so didn't have to wait to long.

Then it was a trip out with Peter to pick up some car parts and a brush with white van man and the police. We were parked in a disabled bay outside the shop when white van man swung in and clouted the side of our car. Before we knew it white van man was out and bellowing at us that it was all our fault. We were parked for God's sake! Anyway he came swinging at Peter so I called the police. While waiting a very brave employee, who'd been out collecting trolleys, stepped in and told white van man we were definitely there first and he'd hit us. White van man calmed a bit at this, possibly realising with a witness he was on to a loser. The manager then came out and asked why white van man was in a disabled bay anyway, the answer was astonishing. 'I have just stopped for a quick pee and the law says I can use the bays for that.' How blatantly can this man lie? In the end the police had words about his threatening behaviour. We won't be going through insurance because he didn't have any so we've lost out all ways. I was so shaken by this that I couldn't concentrate for the rest of the day. Obviously he knew he was in trouble and decided intimidation was the way to go, well he's had his van ceased so a result of sorts but it still leaves us with a huge repair bill or losing our no claims bonus. Bastard I hope they crush the thing with him in it..


Today is Andrew's birthday and he's stopped saying 'last time I ...... as a child' and is now saying 'first time I ..... as an adult'. I'm sure the novelty will wear off soon, at least I hope so. We are having a special tea for him as he didn't want a party but is going out with friends tomorrow.

Peter took a good look at the damage today and thank goodness it turns out to be mostly pain transferance which he has got off. There is a small scratch but nothing as bad as we first thought. Big sigh of relief all around.

My arm looks like a sausage and is burning and itching and aching and I feel 'fluey'. Damn these flipping vaccinations, sometimes I think they cause more problems than they cure. And I might be having a pneumonia one once the Brompton get back to me to say whether I need a renewal. So I can look forward to more shivers, shakes and aches then.

Sales of my book seem to have picked up and I've had an unexpected flurry over the last few days. Good news for me but even better for the PHA who will be benefiting.

Hoping I feel better tomorrow, do I seem to be saying that all the time these days? I have clearance to return to work on the 13th so something to look forward to at last. Can't wait, I feel so out of the loop and isolated at the moment. Maybe good times are a coming.