Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Hanging On The Telephone

After another bad night's sleep waiting for the text to say Andrew had landed safely I feel really out of it today and my stomach is playing up which doesn't help. The text arrived at two but by then I was far to tense to go to sleep so a restless night ensued.

Today was also warfarin clinic day and the place was packed, waiting was agony because all I wanted to do was sleep. My old ladies were there and upset about something but I couldn't work out what and with the noise levels I couldn't eavesdrop very well either. All I got were little snatches of outraged mutterings.

After the clinic we picked up petrol and did a little bit of shopping before returning home where I gave in and had a nap on the bed for an hour. It didn't really make me feel any better.

The good news story of the day was the rescued of a fourteen day old baby from the rubble in Turkey. How does something that young survive such conditions I'll never know but so glad it did.

As predicted we won't be getting to vote on Europe anytime soon thought lots of MP's rebelled so maybe the time is getting closer.

Talking of the Prime Minister he was in my area today visiting Lockheed Martin in Ampthill.Of course mo one knew until he'd been and gone so he was not met by any booing or cheering from the locals, maybe that's just as well as our MP is one of those that voted against him.

Short but sweet today, will write more tomorrow when hopefully I can see straight.