Friday, 21 October 2011

Total Eclipse Of The Heart

I know Gaddafi is dead, it was on every news channel for hours yesterday but do I need this fact confirmed by lurid pictures on the front of the newspaper first thing this morning? No I don't, it puts me off my breakfast.

There used to be a time when such pictures would be tucked away inside the front cover so those of a sensitive disposition and young children would be spared the gory details. Now it's a competition to see who has the worst picture. I know there will be doubters who need to see for themselves, after all there are still those who do not believe Hitler or Elvis are dead, but if they are that concerned look for the pictures on line, don't ruin my morning with them, or at least give me the choice of whether to open the paper or not.

It was hospital day today and unusually we sailed in and found a parking spot straight away so we we half an hour early. Mindful of what has happened in the past I went straight to the reception and booked in anticipating the usual stream of pre-consultation  tests, I didn't even have to have a blood test so a long wait ensued.

Overall they seem a bit frustrated with my progress, by now I should be on the full dose but linger on just over half. So today they decided to increase the dose by the smallest margin possible to see how I get on. I've gone from 1.2 to 1.3, previously they were increasing to 1.4 which caused me all sorts of problems. If I can tolerate the increase they will leave me on it for at least six weeks to allow my body to acclimatise before attempting to increase it any more. I am on strong anti sickness tabs and have instructions to go to my GP for an even stronger dose should I need it. If I can make it through the weekend without any problems then I don't think there will be any as before things started to go wrong within twenty four hours of any increase.

My progress on the transplant ladder got another boost when I was told that the heart consultant had e-mailed and written to Harefield to confirm I no longer have any arrhythmia problems. Apparently this was a bit of a sticking point because they won't do just lungs if the heart is a bit dodgy and my heart is too good to be replaced so a heart/lung has been ruled out. In short I've been told to stop thinking heart and concentrate on lung which takes some getting your head around after you've been told your heart is the problem your whole life. It is all very confusing and complicated. I've been told to expect an appointment for some extended tests within the next couple of weeks. How many tests do they need? And what exactly are 'extended' tests anyway? It's go something to do with the lung lab so I expect a treadmill or a bike will be involved somewhere along the line, terrific. As for the Brompton well my next scheduled appointment is for sixteenth December.

A picture that made me smile in the papers today was one of the travellers and their supporters walking out of Dale Farm en masse. No fighting, no shouting, no screaming. Maybe on hearing about Gaddafi's death they realised they were no longer top of the news and that no one really cared anymore. You are only news until the next big story, then you may as well go quietly. Alls well that ends well.