Sunday, 9 October 2011


I was right to be worried about Andrew going out last night as he came off his bike on the way home. He is not hurt just very shaken, the bike faired less well loosing front and rear indicators on one side and bending the gear shift. The panelling is scratched and cracked but that is only cosmetic thank goodness. So repairs have to be carried out before he can ride it again. Felt so sorry for him but glad he was fine afterwards. I sort of knew something was wrong, it must be mum's instinct because I got out of bed to see him when he arrived home, something I don'r usually do. How do we know these things. Peter will order up the parts tomorrow and we should get him back on the road by the weekend, not sure I am happy with this though. I'd rather he never got on the thing again.

Felt so much better today I baked a cake. It was deep rich velvety chocolate with fluffy choc cream on top, absolutely delicious. Amazing the change sickness tablets can make, the thought of cake would have had me bent over the loo yesterday.

Laurence was a little hung over today following a night out at the Bedford beer festival. He was quite taken with a beer call 'The Town Bike' but what really did for him was two pints of 7% scrumpy from Hertfordshire. He says he doesn't remember much after drinking them.

I'm now looking forward to going back to work next week, I'm back on Thurday when I have to see the Occupational Health doctor to discuss what hours I can do. I'm still not back up to my full hours from when I had my line put in so as you can imagine mega frustration as I doubt he's going to let me back full time for a while yet. If I can be full time again by Christmas then I will think myself lucky but that depaends on me not catching anything else. A bit of an ask in a room full of people but I will try.