Sunday, 30 October 2011

Music Man

Another little bit of my childhood died yesterday in the shape of Jimmy Saville. In the 70's he seemed to present all the programmes I watched including Top of the Pops and Jim'll Fix It. And I vividly remember his association with Stoke Mandeville hospital as he seemed to be talking about it all the time.   His rise was phenomenal, going from DJ to knight of the realm through his tireless work for charity. Who can forget those skinny legs sticking out of short shorts as he tackled run after run, including the London marathon.  And yet I never really liked him. With his weird hair cut, neither long nor short, odd way of dressing and talking and his every present cigar he always struck me as being a bit creepy. I could see that he was a good man, doing so much for others but I just couldn't warm to him. So how strange that when I heard of his death yesterday I felt a genuine pang of sorrow.

Last night I had the best night's sleep for a week and all because I have my baby back. He landed safe and sound in the early afternoon and I couldn't stop hugging him. He talked non stop about the great time he'd had and gave me a grocery list off all that he'd eaten. He was tired and hungry but grinning from ear to ear. As we were all at home I made a pasta for tea and was delighted when he declared it was good to get back to 'real' food. Unusually he didn't stay up to watch a film opting instead for an early night. It was almost lunch time when he emerged this morning so my guess is that he didn't get much sleep while away.

I am totally out of it today. Instead of putting my bedside clock back I put it an hour forward. I nearly had a fit thinking I'd slept through until half past ten when it was really only eight thirty. What really threw me was Peter saying I was up early. I thought he was being sarcastic and took the hump until I realised what I'd done. Will I live it down, I doubt it.

My appetite is back! Over the last few days my appetite has increased until I'm eating everything in sight and I'm down to one sickness tablet a day. I'm so happy. Also my breathing has improved so I'm feeling better than I have done in months. Only a few weeks ago I was ready to throw in the towel as far as the Flolan was concerned. It wasn't doing much to improve my breathing and made me feel sick which made me stop eating which meant I felt weak as well. Now suddenly there has been improvements all around. Maybe I should trust my medics more, they said it could take time and it has, a long time but finally it's here. Lets hope it is here to stay.