Friday, 28 October 2011

Part Time Love

I was sworn at within ten minutes of starting work today, fortunately things improved from there and overall it was a good day. This follows on from an excellent night where I managed to sleep right through, well more or less. I'm feeling far less spaced and much more like me again.

Tonight will be different a I will be worrying myself to death about Andrew flying home, I know he's sensible but I can't help but thinking about all the things that could go wrong. Still this time tomorrow he will be back with me so something to look forward to.

I've decided I have to order a new uniform up from stores. I've lost so much weight my current one just hangs off me and is quite uncomfortable as the only thing holding my trousers up is my belt. I could camp out in my shirt and my jumper reaches my knees. I will do it tomorrow, if I can work out how, and hopefully in a week or so I won't be walking around looking like a two year old in her dad's shirt.

In the news St Paul's has opened it's doors again exactly a week after closing them, by my reckoning they are currently down to the tune of £140,000, a hefty sum. Maybe they should consider charging the protesters rent to claw back some of the losses. Talking of which it seems most of the tents are empty overnight, so why not just move them while unoccupied? As for the 'dedicated' protesters well all I can say is no wonder no one takes you seriously if you can't give up you comfy beds for the cause. Part time protests don't really cut it, it would serve them right if they rocked up one morning and found a dosser in one of the abandoned tents. And would they call the police to get him removed, I bet they would.

Continuing my royal theme it seems the law is being changed to allow the first born to succeed to the throne regardless of sex. About time too. Some traditionalists will argue that it is the wrong thing to do but just because something is tradition doesn't make it right. Despite all it's history sometimes the monarchy needs to be dragged kicking and screaming into the twenty first century and lets not forget some of our longest serving and most effective monarchs have been women.

Halloween is approaching fast and today I saw some tiny witches being led up the road for what must be one of the earliest Halloween parties. I'm guessing it was a birthday party as they were all clutching presents. Now this shouldn't be blog worthy but for one thing. They were heading for the church hall. Last year there was a big row when the vicar banned a tarot reader from the church hall. Every year there is an autumn fayre and last year the theme was Halloween which immediately had the vicar getting his knickers in a knot. He disapproved but after the banning of the tarot reader and the toning down of some of the displays and costumes he allowed the fayre to go ahead. What got me about this little row was that the fayre is held to raise money for the church. Either the vicar has mellowed over the last twelve months to let these little witches and demons have their fun or no one has told him about the theme. Let's hope he doesn't find out. Sometimes it is fun to live in a little village and observe these petty squabbles from afar. This years fayre is being held on Saturday, might just pop along to see what this year's theme is, I bet it isn't Halloween.

Disaster struck today when I realised I was out of bath bombs. How could I let this happen? Half an hour later and with a package on it's way I am all relaxed again, I just hope it gets here for my days off so I can relax and indulge before going back to work. It's the little things that keep you sane.